Promotion Coupons with Export File for SambaPOS V4

This document is a Promotion Coupons Sample for SambaPOS V4.
This sample for SambaPOS V3 can be found here :

SambaPOS V4 Export File (3.3 KB)

Export File is created for Database Tools Module:

Before importing this file we need to create a Coffee Coupons product manually.

###Step 1
Create New Product

Product Name: Coffee Coupon
Group Name: Coupons
Tag: Coffee

###Step 2
Add Coffee Coupons product into your default menu.

For this sample Create a New Category, and add Coffee Coupons product. under this category…

###Step 3
Import this Export file by using Database Tools Module.

###Step 4
After import process, edit your Create New File Name Actions your own file path

This documentation is prepared with SambaPOS V4.1.26 version. If you are using older versions please upgrade.
Sample video URL:


@Mehmet Thanks for that I like the way it setup , I need a same kind of setup, iam using a 10% Discount print when customer spend $100 can be used next visit , what I notice is the barcode is not a random for that so each scan the discount is increasing +10% , So I need a help from any member that creat entity like coupons with random numbers used once only and with expiry , can anybody pls guide setting auto create entity of 10% discount , redeemed in a month time Thanks for wonderful pos.