What is {RANDOM},txt in Step 4?

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Hi Bro,i already fellow your step, but in step 4, i don’t understand, what purpose for {RANDOM}.txt, That’s mean i need create one file named {RANDOM}.txt?
and when i done this, after i order , i press coffee button under coupons category, the price is same as usual, does not give me any discount.

No. {RANDOM} is a function that generates a date-based number. So you will have a file automatically created the the path you specify which looks something like this:


I already change the path to my own path, but i don’t know why when i close the system, the path did not generate any files?

Please look at this screen shot, when i add the coffee coupon, the system did not give me any discount.

After i print out the receipt, the system add the coupon price in.

Typically the C:\Users folders are not accessible to SambaPOS due to windows user permissions and it will not be able to write there. Try a different location for the file or give SambaPOS permission to write to that User folder.

That is normal behavior. You are buying the coupon. Redeeming the coupon is different.

You need to read the documentation that is provided in the link in that post. It explains how it works and how to use it. There is even a video of the system in operation.


Buying coupons:

Redeeming Coupons:

Printing Coupons:

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