Protect Change Table With Pin

Is it possible to protect the CHANGE TABLE button with admin PIN?

Not simply…
Would need to make an automation command flow which triggered by change - notes origional table entity number/name, promps for a pin and changed back if pin not right (more likely it changes it back unless pin is right as a cover all scenario).
Not sure how easy that would be in v4 but would defiantly be doable in v5.
Pin however would need to be static single pin, wouldnt be like admin confirm on automation command buttons.
V5 you could potentially put a script together to to check against can confirm admin pin users posibly.

Could you not just recreate the change table with your own automation and then just put admin pin on the auto command button?


How can i do that, how can i set or create all that stuff? Sorry I’m new here.

How do you remove the change table default button from user interface completely or edit it. It does not seem to be under any of the listed automation commands

Its not an automation command, its mapped from the ticket type or department if I remember right.

Hi JTR I have staff that are changing tables and printing the bill and being paid twice. cant have them assist so as business owner and trying to invetsigate. Please do elaborate further on your answer above

can you elaborate on that?

A table can be opened with certain orders on it. Before it is settled the entire bill i.e products on that table can be moved or changed to another table. When on that table you can print the bill before it is settled. This can continue over and over for popular items and they can be paid for by unsuspecting customers several times over as they recieve a bill as normal.

Sounds like they need some new staff LOL
So people are paying a completely different bill? what about their own bill?

You might be better to look on the forum for the logging print bills.

I want to remove the change table button or edit it. Thats what i need JTR

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Select/Change Table are mapped from the ticket type settings;

If you unmap you will need to recreate the flow manually with an automation command.

You would need to make a dummy entity type, make a custom entity screen, make a table entity grid on it, then setup the automation from that grid.
Something like if ticket has no entity then set entity with selected, - if already has table entity set ask for pin before changing.
As said its not going to be a simple tick box to enable

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@JTRTech, look at your screenshot again. Have you ever wondered what the purpose of the “State” column is for? Why is it there? I can only imagine it was a feature added a long time ago (V2) for a specific purpose.

Just spitballin’ here, but I bet we could put in place some form of Entity State flow in automation that stops or reverses Ticket Entity Changes…

That might be easier than trying to replace the Ticket Entity mappings. I mean, there is a lot of hard-coded mechanics behind Ticket Entity mappings that would be difficult, if not impossible, to duplicate with custom Automation Commands.

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Interesting thought, never paid much attention to this screen as not faced issues like above, but interesting to see if that is the case…
Are you just guessing or have you tried?

I am guessing the State field is a constraint, similar to Enabled/Visible States on Automation Command mappings. That is, if the Entity is not in that State, the button does not work.

EDIT: seems my guess is incorrect. I set the state to “Available”, which I would have thought that in the case of a Table already having Orders, it’s State would be “New Orders”, so the Table would not be allowed to change.

EDIT2: In any case, the idea could still work using a custom State flow for Entities. When the table is first assigned, it gets something like a “Lock Status” assignment:


Upon the event of Ticket Entity Changed, check the LStatus, and if it is Locked, prompt for PIN. If PIN is not provided, fire Change Ticket Entity action to reverse the change. Could be done with a Ticket Tag or Ticket State as well…

Accomplished this without States at all. How does this look?

The only thing it lacks is obfuscation of the PIN entry…

Would it maybe be ticket state?
As in buton is visible based on that state… only state that would work in that scenario would be ticket Id say.

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How did you do it? I would like to do that to mine.

By looks of it he has done similar to what I said the other day with a custom entity screen and manually configured update entity flow.
If you lucky he will use his magic export thing for a basic tutorial.

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