Purchasing a module


Hi, I am trying to purchase the customs report module but am getting an error “price is a mandatory parameter”, kindly assist.


I’m not too sure about V4, but custom reports are a free core componemnt of V5 and V5 is only $99 for life.

Plus, V5 has loads are great features and you’ll be able to get more support since a lot of us are using V5 now…


There really is no point in buying Modules for V4.

All the V4 Paid Modules are all included as part of V5 for a single cost of $99 for the V5 License.

V5 is a huge advancement over V4 in all ways; you can do so much more with V5, a good deal of which is not at all possible in V4.


Plus its an easy upgrade from V4 to V5!


Thanks a lot. I’ll certainly go for v5


Hello, a colleague eventually successfully purchased the module. Now am unable to install it. Kindly advise on the alternative steps other than logging into my Samba Market account from Samba POS because I can’t find the login link. The module is also not available among the other products.


I’m not sure, becuase I use Samba Market to buy the license key for V5 (all the modules are includes, so there is nothing specific for me to obtain from Samba Market).


Thank you for the support. I got a case with a similar problem here: Database backup module

However, I have version 4.1.82 but can’t find the login link from samba market. Please assist




Yes, I can’t see that link


Please show a screenshot of the SambaMarket screen.


That’s the one


Typically it doesnt show the link if you are not connected to the internet. Or your firewall is blocking it.

I really hope you are not buying modules for v4. V4 is no longer the actively supported version with updates and support is limited since it is quite dated now.


Unfortunately I already bought the module. Lemme try with my internet on then give you feedback


It worked, thanks. I can’t believe it was internet all this time.


Yes, @kendash is absolutely correct.

Glad you got it solved. Once the Module is installed and Activated, the machine will not need Internet any longer.

WITHOUT Internet Connection …

WITH Internet Connection …


You might want to ping @Tayfun. You might be able to apply the Purchased Module Cost against a V5 License if you bought the Module recently.


That sounds good. How can I do it?


Send a PM to @Tayfun.


Kindly assist apply my custom report purchase to activate V5 since I understand that it has more features than my current V4