Question about product tags

Hello, I am new here and I am preparing the system for a new fast food restaurant. I came across this topic

and it was more than helpful, But I want here to ask a question, say I have a burger sandwich and it could be sold as a sandwich only or as a meal. so we can make a tag for type of meal one sandwich only the other is meal. The question is, is there a way to make when the user click on sandwich it is all done and it allow for the next item but if clicked on meal other tags appear like soft drink tag to chose a soft drink, fries tag to chose the fries and side dish tag to chose the side dish. Thank you in advance.

Nobody to help.:sweat:

Either make the tags prices to up it to meal price so is sandwich product and adding chips tag etc makes it into a meal or create two products, one for sandwich and one for sandwich meal, then add the available tags to the sandwich meal product and on the menu setting tick auto select.
auto select will then make the portion/tags screen come up when adding a sandwich meal product.

PS. we are not a paid support team, we all run our own businesses and help as we can so please dont expect to get an answer straight away every time you post. :slight_smile:

I understand that, and I appreciate your reply so much. And if I am not bothering you, I am working on my personal Lap top for now, is there a way to put what I am making directly to the one which will be in the restaurant without going into every detail setup.

Two main options for working from home;

Remote login (teamviewer etc)
Separate Samba database and backup/restore - NOTE backup and restore will overwrite existing data on system at restaurant.

Contentment team viewer as you will know where you are.

There are other more advanced options but more complex.

Thank you very much. For now I think Backup/restore option will do. But in future if the restore will erase the sales this will not be an option.

It will overwrite everything on the restaurant till with what you have on your laptop.
Also backup and restore often requires you to reset your licence on samba-market and reactivate.

As I said team viewer is my recommendation.

Thank you very much I will download teamviewer now to be familiar with it.