Question with setting a package delivery

I was following this tutorial: Custom Package Delivery for V5
and I wonder how to select the right ticket number automatically(highlighted on the image)

and also had this issue that I cant settle or close those two tickets from the right side which has Q0 value and it won’t get disappeared any clue?

thanks for the help

Hello @SangKim,

If you are trying to apply Delivery Service Implementation, you can follow below document to achieve what you wanted;

thanks for the recommendation, I was following the tutorial to learn.
It seems pretty much the same with the one I was following and yours
Do you have an idea how to close those tickets from the right side with Q0 values?
there are any order when I display those two tickets and they don’t disappear even I settle or close

The screen likely filters ticket on states so guessing you have a hole in your automation that stayed isn’t being changed to remove from screen.
Without seeing more detail on what you have configured it’s hard to say with much detail.




I do have a rule for that but it won’t close the ticket…
and it appears to be Status:Paid

any other recommendation please?

Withough seeing the state name for that action cant say fr sure but doubt it would be changing the default status state you have highlighted. More likely it relates to the delivery status below it.
If you check against your other images you will see your refering to the delivery state of delivering.
Also, im sure you should specify a state name on your state filter something like Delivery=Delivering
This also posibly points to another posability as you have that other state with value of delivering on that ticket. If you filtering to just delivering and have two states with value delivering you would need to update both as if that acton is meant to just update the delivery state and the other remains as delivering the filter as it is of just delivering is still valid as only one state changed.