Questions about CC tips and deleting tickets

Hi there,
I have implemented SambaPOS in a restaurant for a customer and all is going well, they just have a couple issues.

First, I have setup CC Tips as outlined here: Credit Card Tip
This is working great, except I cant find a way to void the tip if a mistake is made.

For example, if a ticket total is $8.00, the customer pays a total of $10.00 by CC, but the operator accidentally enters $11, it takes the $3 as the tip instead of $2. I have implemented the reopen settled tickets function, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to void the tips.

Another question they have is about deleting tickets. In some cases, tickets need to be deleted rather then voided. The voided tickets appear on reports, deleted ones should be completely gone. In the case of user error, the ticket needs to be deleted rather then voided, is there a way to accomplish this?

One more question is about re-settling tickets on different dates. So if I was to re-open a settled ticket from a previous work period, to correct for user error, I need to be able to settle this ticket as if it was settled on the work period it was originally settled on. Right now it changes the settle date to the day it is fixed, and removed it from the report from the previous work period.

The last thing is about the reports, I need a total for cash collected - CC tips, the previous POS system had this and they need me to add this back, I figure custom reports would do this but I want to know if it can be done without that.

Thanks for any advice :slightly_smiling:

I can help with a couple:

  1. In terms of deleting tickets, simply, you can’t and this is something that will never be possible for obvious fraud reasons etc etc, all tickets will be stored in the database. If you want to wipe the data for testing purposes and start a fresh database you can use the clear transaction data option which will erase any sales, inventory transaction etc etc leaving you post setup in tact. If you simply want to abort a ticket because the customer changed their mind and no longer wants the order you can create the abort order system, just search the forum there’s a tutorial and database tools file. (Sounds like this is what you need)

Like I said above, if you want to just delete random tickets for whatever reason this is not possible, as soon as the ticket is closed it is written to the database

  1. I don’t believe there is a way to amend a ticket on a different work period but have the changes affect a previous work period. Once that work is closed you cannot add any more orders etc to it, it’s closed. As you are editing a ticket on a different day/work period the updated ticket will show as the current date as that is when it was changed and saved back in the database

  2. CC Tips you would have to use custom reports to create a report for this in V4, in V5 there more options with access to SQL scripts. The only other option in V4 is to use the account screen, if you just need to view how much is in the CC Tips account you should already have that account setup and it will show in your accounts screen, the only other option would be custom reports

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Thanks for the reply, the previous system they had allowed tickets to be totally removed from the database, it’s only for user error. I may have to make another “Void” button that goes into a separate account for this purpose if this is not possible.

I can already view the CC Tips on the report, that’s not the issue, I need another item to print out that is Cash (minus) CC tips. I assumed custom reports were required, I just wanted to see if there was another way.

Will the “Abort Ticket” method work on reopened tickets? I need some way of deleting or changing the CC Tip on already closed tickets.

Instead of deleting tickets just set them in a state that you can filter the reports not to show. Its best not to delete data. Employees may catch on quickly and can simply delete tickets then you have no trace of what they did. Obviously this is bad.

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Ok, I have figured out most of the issues, but the one I still cannot is deleting CC Tips.

The way it’s set up, according to the guide I linked in my OP, is that the change amount goes into CC Tips. This is fine…until a server makes a mistake. Eg. One server put the amount $200 instead of $20, so $184 went into CC tips instead of $4. I can’t find a way to void these so I’m unable to fix the reports that are now incorrect.

I can re-open the ticket and void all the items, but the CC Tip remains no matter what I try…

Any ideas?

Nevermind, I was browsing around the actions and I came across “Update Ticket Calculation” I used this to set the amount of CC Tip to 0 and removed the calculation.

One more question, I found an action called “Update Ticket Date” This seems like it would help with one of my other issues which was reopening tickets changes their date. Is there any documentation to this function? I tried some values and I cant get it to do anything. What date format is it looking for?

My goal is to have tickets that are reopened on a different day to correct mistakes, reset to the day that they are opened on. So if a ticket was made on Feb 1st but I didn’t see the mistake until the 5th, I could still print out the Feb 1st report and have the changes shown on there. Right now it would completely remove it from Feb 1st and puts the corrected ticket onto Feb 5th.