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It is possible but since you want to separate Tip payments it will be a little harder to operate for operator. Basically you’ll separate tip accounts, duplicate tip calculations and make them appear as two tip buttons. Operator should click appropriate tip button and complete payment as usual. Selected tip button will define how tip paid.

Thanks Emre…yes it is a bit more complex… but so be it. :smile:

Is there no way to setup a rule and automation, that if payed by Credit card the amount due goes to Credit card tip?

Is this close to what you’re looking for?

Click Settle to go to the Payment Screen. Ticket shown is for 220
Type the Tip Amount on the NumberPad (i.e. 30)
Click Tip CC Button…

  • this adds Fixed Amount Service Charge to the Ticket, labeled as Tip
  • Ticket Total becomes 250
    Click All (Charged line is populated with total of 250)
    Click Credit Card payment type.

On the Account screen, the Tip has been filed to the Service Charge account.

This type of scenario could be automated with a known Tip value (i.e. 18%), but without knowing the Tip Amount that the customer is going to leave, it needs to be done manually by the Cashier.

@michaelb I’ve added a small feature (4.1.41 Release) for your question. I hope it helps.

Hint: Skip first steps if you’ve already configured CC Tip calculation type.

I’ve added an account for CC Tips

… and an account transaction type.

This is how I’ve configured CC Tip calculation type

Now edit Credit Card payment type to configure a Add Calculation Payment Processor.

Click settings and configure payment processor as follows.

Use Change Amount setting is the new added setting. It will execute CC Tip calculation and set amount as change amount.

Now we can test how it works. Create a new ticket and type an amount more than payment amount.

When you click Credit Card button it will display a confirmation. When you click Yes the ticket will close without displaying a change amount.

This is how ticket processed.

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Thanks Guys, this is perfect :-)))

Hi Emre, everything is working perfect; the only problem is that when I go to the setting to configure payment processor, don’t let me set 0 amount because can’t save a bubble warning appear like this:


… to let me save I just put 1 but with 1 forz me add 1.00 for tips

I have one problem with this method. I was adapting it to my system… the Confirmation works… but if you select No… you have to change payment to exact amount or it will just ask the same question over and over. There is not a way for it to just continue and show change amount. I know this is not an issue for Credit Card use because you do not give change on Credit Card. However It was a great solution for Fast payment button Tips if we could just get the No button to ignore the payment processor and keep going it would be perfect.

I adapted it in a different way I am using it to tag tips onto Fast Cash payment and a Fast Credit/Debit button. It works GREAT except if you choose no there is no way to continue with the amount and give change.

This would be a great feature to use with Fast Cash buttons… I just would love for when you select No on confirmation it sends the payment through without the processor function… IE: It finishes transaction and tells you the change to give back.

Payment Processors implemented to stop whole processing when it does not confirmed. In fact such custom behaviors can be implemented with automation. You can ask that question and if Yes selected you can simply add Tip the calculation with Update Calculation action.

Can you answer me that question please?

So I am wrapping my head around what you said. Basically I create an Ask Question action to fire… use [:Amount] for the action amount and {CHANGE TOTAL} as amount in the rule?

EDIT: Still working on it. I got it working somewhat. Its applying the Calculation and on No Press its skipping it. But its applying it and then making me pay it again. So its not using the fast cash amount as payment if I use the Update Calculation action. I will figure it out just not sure why its doing that yet.

EDIT: Got it working I had to add the payment to the rule TWICE for it to record it correctly and close.

EDIT: Now my only problem is getting my Ask Question action to fire and show the Change Due: on the No Press.

EDIT: Got it working had to make a separate rule for the No Response and insert my Change Due question there. Works like a charm. Thank you Emre I will update my Request post simply requesting something with little less steps involved but since its working with this system its definitely not a priority.

There is Not answer for this question??? :frowning:

@royv546789 you should enter an amount unless you enable Use Change Amount setting.

Would it be possible to print this amount on the payment receipt?

Yes you would use {CALCULATION TOTAL:X}


Sorry to drag up an old topic but am a little lost with calculations.

I would like ideally to setup so if a credit card payment is tendered at a greater amount that ticket total a prompt in form of ask question message saying the amount tendered is greater than the value;

The credit card payment exceeds the ticket total, is this correct? \r
How would you like to process the overpayment?
[Cash Back] [Gratuity] [Cancel]

I do not need/want to log/record cash back or gratuity but would like both to process the change as cash rather than card.

Additionally would be nice if not to complex to configure a different ticket template (or just add a section for customer to sign - maybe using a layout specific to ‘Cashback’ calculation…) if cash back.

Would appreciate some direction for this.

Hello guys,

I have Implemented this setup into my sambapos, and I have the ReOpen module also installed. After I settle a ticket and select to receive CC tip, and Reopen the same Ticket, I can only Void the product, not the CC Tip. How can I void the entire thing ?



I know that the post it’s old, but can you explain how you did this ? I want to implement it on CASH TIPS. When the customers wants to pay let’s say £50 for the £47.98 bill, the NO answer should work, and the change can be set into an account. I already have this setup implemented on Credit Card, and it’s working because you can not give change from a CC transaction.

Thank you in advance !!!

I found this:


But I don’t know how (from emre’s tutorial from where he get’s the amount 0, )…thanks