Recall & Clone (Customer) Last Ticket

I’m pretty sure it is because it has been changed from primary field of name to number.
Obviously the program settings based on entity name (when was ‘customer name’) won’t match what entity name now is which is customer number. These are not backdateadble and either need amending or adjusting for.
If the other topics are for same system it wouldn’t be entity name but data:name or manual change system settings from name to number.
That was where my comment about storing ‘last ticket’ as another custom entity field over using program settings came in.
Believe options are either use entity data:name would be option one HOWEVER this was changed to number for primary field due to name duplicates which will cause issues if using name, Alternativly manual updating stored program value names to customer number in place of name, or MY recommendation would be a ‘from this point forward’ solution of switching to an extra entity data field of last ticket id and use entity data rather than program setting and bite the bullet of from this point forward - that is dependent on number of values stored over time to update vs companies of this point forward inconvenience.

It could be stored in a Custom Data Field, yes. The Ticket Id is stored in the Entity State, not a Program Setting. The Program Setting used in the Tutorial is just temporary storage that carries the Ticket Id over multiple Rules that cannot access the Entity directly. I don’t remember exactly why I chose to use an Entity State as opposed to Custom Data Field, but I feel there must have been some reason at the time.

It does not matter if the Primary Field is called Phone or MemberId or whatever. {ENTITY NAME:Customers} (or in his case {ENTITY NAME:Customers E T}) will return the value stored in the Primary Field, no matter what the name of the Primary Field is, because that tag refers to the [Name] field in the [Entities] table in the DB. The name of the Primary field is moot. The only thing that is important is that the Field data is unique between the Entities. Yes, if the Phone was a Custom Field, and the Primary field was actually the customer name, we could do a search based on Entity Data, but in this case, we don’t need to do so - the Primary Field (Phone) should continue to work fine.

It might be possible that we have a problem here with the Primary Field Format. If you look at a previous screenshot, we can see the Phone on the Ticket Header in the format #### # ### ###. The same screenshot shows a message where the Entity Name is shown without the format (ie. ###########) so it is missing the spaces. We would need to look at how the [Name] field in the [Entities] table in the DB has the data recorded… with or without spaces. I have a feeling that it is stored without spaces, and the Formatting is for display purposes only. It might not matter, but it also could depend on what the Tag returns … does it return exactly what is in the DB? Or does it return a formatted version of it?

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Ok, I saw program setting using entity name and saw that a a mismatch like with his other topic where template was reversed after switching from name to number as primary field. Should have read it all, was basing it on the misunderstanding on how changing primary field on other topic for template effected the tags used… :slight_smile:

I’m sorry if I misunderstood the issue and it is unrelated but I recently added this for tomorrow’s 5.1.61 refresh.


Hi i have problem after doing this setup when i click on display last ticket i get error ( cannot find previous ticket ).

Ok so you made a mistake. It looks like you made a mistake with recalling or saving the ticket id.

lol i follow this tutorial from here

I think you should know by now that we can not really help you if we are blind to what you have done. Please share some screenshots.

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ya sure i will share all screen shots of my setup please give me some time and i am sorry jesse to disturb you and JTR always and i am very much thankful to you both.

and here my primary data is phone so i have change it {ENTITY DATA:Customers:Phone}from {ENTITY NAME:Customers}and[:EntityName] even then i am getting error.

So you wouldnt have needed to change that. Please go through and double check the tutorial and follow it 100% do not make any changes.

ENTITY NAME:Customers uses the primary field it doesnt matter what you set your primary as.

ya i have check complete tutorial many times but i am getting error and i have check without changing ``{ENTITY DATA:Customers:Phone}from {ENTITY NAME:Customers}and[:EntityName] then also i am getting error.

wait let me share all screen shots with you.

Show the rules and actions that you have made.

hi here is the screen shots.

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Do you have this Rule?

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Hi yes i have this rule

Still nothing is working on this i have try a lot to solve this but i am not getting please can some one help me for this

This is a community forum which costs you nothing, please don’t badger for responses. Its weekends so many of forum will either be spending time with families or busy running their restaurants etc over the busy weekend.
If you want instant support contact samba support directly or post an add for paid support on forum ads section.

Hey Sam I’ll look at your screenshots just give me a bit please.

thank you jesse take your time and thanks a lot for your reply.
and i have uploaded the setup text file also.

i am sorry JTR to put a message here today i thought if some is free they will help me i am sorry for this.

recall (1.5 KB)

hi any help for this please