Receipt printer margins problem with Document Printer


Doesn’t it have a setting something like that?



It does but all same width of the roll.



So SambaPOS adjusts width to 72.1 mm. hmm…


Did you tried editing page size from Print Management?


I was going to say whats with the 72.1? 8mm is 10% the photos look like they are less than 72mm printed width although rough thumb on screen on one that is printed to the left does give about 1 thumb on aprox 8 thumb for overall paperwidth width.
Have you tried just generic text or other drivers?


Something weird just happened. I can’t point exactly to what, but I got an error message when trying to connect to printer. I reinstalled driver and restarted my system, now it prints perfectly… :slight_smile: :confused:

I am going to test on another system with a different printer, the one we sell. The one I test on is not a model we sell.


Other printer works fine first time…

Very strange how it didn’t work before, but works now on a new system I was just setting up so that’s what matters.


I have had a strange printer error on cancel order. I’ve only seen it pop up once today. I am not sure what it was I’ll check logs later.


We’re all having printer issues lol


Hi @markjw Could you tell me how to fix that margins?


Upgrade to v5.2.14 then the margins are reduced by default.


Thank you :grinning: