Receipt Template trouble please help

hi I am trying to setup my receipts to print for the customer on Version 3 and 4, it was working before but I am not sure what happened, please help…

First of all, it seems like you character count is too high for the particular printer you are using. SambaPOS is trying to print too many characters per line, so these are rolling on to the next line.

Find out what you maximum characters per line is for your printer and configure this in Manage > Printing > Printers > Ticket Printer > Line Character Count

Next, it seems that for at least one of your templates the tags are not being parsed and they are bring printed on the final output. If you take a look through the forums, you will see that it is virtually impossible to diagnose such issues without seeing your ticket template. Therefore, please paste you ticket template here and I am sure someone will be able to provide some help. After you paste you ticket template, select the text and press the </> button as part of the text editor. If you fail to do this the forum can strip some crucial elements of your template.

If you paste you ticket template correctly
It will appear in a code box
Like this one

Thanks for response, this the setup of both templates

The first two pictures of ticket and the receipt was printing correctly, the character is off that i know, What i don’t understand is a few test prints the third pictures is what started to print, i created another template from scratch and the same thing happened, i then created another one and just copied and paste from the right side commands. and no changes it still prints like the tired pictures.

For one point, your header part with your company name is wrong. Each line needs to start with a tag like <L00>. You don’t need to use spaces to centre it, there is a tag for that.

So replace with:

<C00>R o t i   S h o p   B a r
<C00>Dr. Roys Drive
<C00>George Town, Grand Cayman
<C00>Cayman Islands

For the rest, nothing looks wrong immediately, but can you actually copy and paste your template to the forum rather than take a photo of the screen?

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thanks for your response, but that part of the ticket or receipt is the only part that works correctly, what i am referring to is the rest of the template. it does not work, it prints the actual template as it is with the commands and on items or prices.

Mark was telling you that you have made mistakes in the first part of your ticket…
You should always start each line with a formatting command, such as L R C F or W (search in the forums to find out what each one means.
You should not center your text using spaces - You should use the center tag (for example )

Also, in my first message, I asked you to copy and paste your template. Mark has now also asked you to do this. please copy and paste your template so we can take a proper look at what might be wrong.

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The ========= sugests your character count is set too high as already sugested…
Have you changed that?
The first part is probably ‘right’ because you have manually compensated for the incorrect char count in your spacing.
PLUS its not right anyway as the n on Grand Cayman has dropped to next line on one of your prints.

What printer type have you set?

ok i will paste them up now


I have been trying different ways and made changes and I also created a new set of templates, and they all print the same way, I have also been trying to paste the template in the form but I can’ t seem to get to paste, I changed the line count for the printer and it now prints with text all on the seem line, but still no luck get the items or the prices to show, also I tried deleting the program and reloading it, but it continues to retain the same database how do I erase the current database and replace it with sample database to start from scratch?

these pictures is from Version 3. I installed Version 3 to remove the DB but it stays the seem, how can I removed the current database?

OK. Since you are still in the early stages you may as well remove your database and start again and then see if the default ticket template works for you.

There are many posts here on the forum that explains how to configure, delete and migrate your database. Remember to take a look around the forum because you will probably find that your questions have already been asked before.

Be aware there are several ways to setup the database for SambaPOS, either a text file, a LocalDB or a Microsoft SQL database.

Take a look at this topic for information on deleting your current database: