Recording cancelled items (not Submitted)

Hi all,
I have followed this Excellent tutorial:

However this only recorde Cancellations to a Log when an item is cancelled and replaced and then submitted.

is there a way to Record cancellation when a user adds some items then cancels them all and simply closes the ticket with nothing Submitted

Also when search for an old ticket as an Admin the Logs function is Greyed out, meaning the log can only be viewed during the creation of a live ticket (other than reports) is their a simple fix for this?

Many thanks for any suggestions


What I did was duplicate void and rename to cancel, change button and automation to work on new orders and use gstatus cancelled.
That way canceled orders are never removed, but voided in a seperate state called cancelled making it 100% tracked.

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Think I get what your saying here. would this result in all canceled bills being still recorded as active bills (with their own ticket number and ID) similar to adding an item, submitting it, voiding it with no replacements and closing the ticket, making a zero price ticket?

Yes, indeed exactly.
We implemented this after an issue with a particular staff member a while back.
And the alternate gstatus is reportable to show a void and a cancelled value in reports.

out of interest would this also show the Cancelled bills in the ticket list search? if so is it possible to make them not show? our staff use this a lot to look for errors or problems or check old bills and if they see a lot of extra zero value bills it may raise suspicion among the guys we are suspecting of cancelled sales

I’m of the opinion that staff should not have access to historical data.

I can think of no good reason why they can’t ask a manager to view a ticket if they think there was a mistake.

Yes, you would get zero tickets in history.
As above, revoke access to this, if you suspect staff issues like that you want to prevent reports and historical data from view as that will help them both in what they do and also that you can see what there doing.
Ticket logs would not however ticket log will not work without a ticket being saved which all cancelled would not. So unless you do a log to file .txt type log or alternate like maybe tasks, you will not be able to capture no ticket problems.
Log to text was my initial responce to the issue we had as is pretty simple. Just add line to text file logging date, terminal, user, action and priduct/order or whatever and will give you a line by line log, although not great for overall review is very detailed.