Red 'Connected'

Any reason why on a multi terminal site the tills show a red connected as appose to green?


I had that the first time I set another terminal too. From my test, I’d say you can treat it as "not connected’ because mine doesn’t reflect change to other terminal when that happened. So you might need to re-configure network settings

all connected though…

what do you mean by all connected?

well, all of the terminals in the network are connected to the server but all show a red connected as appose to a green…

Well the ‘red connected’ you are talking about is not related to SQL Server, but the messaging server I think. So basically you will still be able to access the database, the menu the product and everything, however each terminal won’t detects changes unless you manually refresh it.

For example,

  • you have Terminal A for taking order, and Terminal B for Kitchen Display

  • Both are ‘red connected’ I.e. ‘Not connected to messaging server’

  • When Terminal A Creates ticket order for table X, Terminal B will not notice the order, and shows blank on kitchen display entity screen

  • So you have to either manually refresh the kitchen display to see the ticket (via locking out, or clicking entity tab, etc.), or you can set ticket lister widget to self refresh every x seconds

  • If both terminal got the ‘Green connected’ however, then it automatically detects this change, and you don’t need to do the above.

  • This assumes the ‘red-colour connected’ text indeed is ‘red-colour not connected’ text, otherwise I don’t know lol

Also see this for better explaination of messaging server


this explains why they keep losing tickets in the tables!

Ok ill go down tonight and fix up!


Still learning stuff :sweat: - now where is that light being talked about?
PS: Nice post too by the way, thanks.

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Wow sorry. Red Connected is a translation issue. Until next update consider red connected as not connected.


its not actually saying RED CONNECTED though, it just says CONNECTED in red :slight_smile:

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It should say connected in green.

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it used to lol :smiley:

So I guess when its red it should say NOT CONNECTED

Lol yeah I think Emre forgot the Not

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LOL doh! What have you been doing emre!

hilarious… I meant while enabling translation for “not connected” message I referenced to “connected” message.