Reduce or increase a {SETTING} number by one each time quantity pressed


I have a SETTING that increases a number by {QUANTITY} every time a product is selected, however in order line if I use the + or - to increase or reduce it obviously the SETTING doesn’t decrease.

Is there a rule that I can fire if these are pressed? Cant seem to see anything?

Order Portion Changed? I dunno, only shows price and name. Maybe quantity could be there? :confused:



Maybe elaborate on wht the outcome is.
Is this for your loyalty?
I had issue with these on my discounts setup, only workarround was to create your own +/- and disable the default ones which are in user profice tick boxes somewhere.
Does it have to be live as orders added? Order qty is easily done as a report expression if it can be done as say ticket closing or other event. How about ticket total changed with report oprder count type expression?


Good shout on manual ones, thatll do it. Yes for loyalty.

It has to be live yes as it shows the points accrued as you go

I didn’t know you could disable them? :shock:

Wheres that to?


I did it here;


Absolute star!

Cheers :smiley:


They probably need some refinement to match the origionals and limit use but its a start.