Regarding Cash Management and Work period close

Hi Hall,

I have done the set of cash management using the below tutorial.
I have attached the database . my issue is I can not close the work period now , its showing unpaid tickets are there but there is no unpaid tickets.
And the second issue is when am closing the work period, in the work period report float in , float out and the entered final cash values are not (1.6 MB)
wp4.pdf (70.7 KB)

No unpaid tickets… have you checked the tickets list expanding the dates to cover whole period?

I cant see any active tickets, i have updated a couple of actions and updated your inactive entity screen name as it was incorrect

For now you can close work period by going to the Manage screen, clicking the workperiod button and closing it from there, that just worked for me on your database as a work around. Theres no active ticket that i can see, and none showing in the entity screen so not sure why your getting the error screen for open tickets

Do the work period close workaround, BACKUP and then make the following changes to these rules and we’ll have to see if it happens again

  1. Re-name your entity screen correctly, you had it as Active Tickets which isnt correct and why it doesnt automatically open, it should be as below

The reason the open tickets error screen comes up twice is because 2 rules are firing as there are constraints missing, change the 2 rules below and add in the additional custom constraints highlighted. This will also inform you if the float hasnt been removed when trying to close the work period


  1. RULE - CM Close Work Period - Allow

[=F(TN('{GLOBAL SETTING:Float Out}'),'0.00')] EQUALS [=F(TN('{GLOBAL SETTING:Float In}'),'0.00')]

  1. RULE - CM Close Work Period - Deny

[=F(TN('{GLOBAL SETTING:Float Out}'),'0.00')] NOT EQUALS [=F(TN('{GLOBAL SETTING:Float In}'),'0.00')]

So do the work around to close your work period, backup, make the above changes and see how you get on

Thanks for your reply @RickH. I have done the changes that you mentioned above and tried to close the work period , but still the same issue came. Then I closed the work period from original work period menu, and let me check how its working again.

Hi @RickH,

Now its working fine but I have noticed one more issue, that even if I removed float ," please remove the float before you close the work period " message is coming two times.

I’ll try and check it on your database today and get back to you