Regarding Re-Open Ticket


Hi All, I tried to create Re-Open as in Tutorial Re-open Settled Ticket & Cancel Payments

But when I select ticket I found the Re-open button deactivated! Any suggestion?


Here is what I did


Most likely your button state mapping.
Show mapping settings for automation command button.


Check auto command button mappings to make sure sure the button is active for the user and ticket state. If thats fine you also need to add the unlock ticket action to allow the buttons to work i think


You mean that?



Ye try adding unlock ticket action to your reopen ticket rule


I didn’t do more than what in tutorial


How to check that if being?


Add the actuon to your rule and try reopening the ticket again to see if button now active


Nothing change,


@RickH What do you think my problem is?


@RickH I found the problem in the toturial, someone else face the same trouble and that was the problem, it works now thank you very much


That was my next suggestion :grinning: