Relationship between inventory,accounts and warehousing

I am creating new inventory items and linking them with products items with recipes as illustrated in various updates here .I am also linking my warehouses with there particular departments.
i am receiving goods in the main warehouse and distribute them to their respective warehouse, all this seems to be working fine now my question is

1.after receiving my goods how am i supposed to debit the suppliers account and if i am purchasing these goods on cash basis how is it going to be reflected in the supplier account so that we are able to see what was purchased for a particular day and what was paid?

2.How can i create a credible inventory report,at the moment my inventory reports show wrong figures -ve inventory.i guess it because we were using the sambapos having not configured inventory short i want to clean up everything and consolidate my stock so its rhymes with what is in the ground

  1. The last issue is when am creating product items,their is a custom tag button where i am supposed select the product warehouse.What is the purpose of this button and what happens if that product is sold on different departments whereby each department has a different warehouse.

4.Also warehouse kindly let me know the purpose of the warehouse option button when am creating an inventory item bearing the fact that this item will be purchased and held in the main store then distributed to different warehouses connected to different departments as i have explained

your assistance will be appreciated

i have read through this good post by emre but can still relate,do i need to have 3 menus each assigned to its respective department even though the prices and the products are same

Document Types in the Inventory section should be linked to Account Transaction Types in the Accounts section. The Inventory Document then handles the Inventory Items, while the Account Transaction handles the money.

Use End of Day Records in the Inventory section to manually adjust stock counts.

That should be explained in the Tutorial that you linked.

The Warehouse parameter on the Inventory Item is to indicate where the Item comes from (ie. your Supplier).

my way of handling inventory was too wrong,i am grateful for your response let me try and refine the things up here.i guess am now good on inventory but i need to understand more on accounts

How are inventory and warehousing costs related?

SambaPOS inventory uses weighted average. The warehouse, by its nature, is cost-agnostic.

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