Remove Rounding if Payment type Credit Card

if user select payment type by credit card then rounding should be removed.

i have tried this:
payment type == credit card
remove round up , round down
refresh ticket
follow by payment mode action (master, diners etc)

but when i execute this it works fine but
but still shows balance is due
and ticket is not closed

what should i do that it
removes rounding
then payment to be paid on the total amount exclusive of rounding

It should be removed BEFORE payment is processed.

Which rule event are you doing this with?

i used payment type equals credit card

it does remove but it shows the balance afterwards

No i mean which event… what Rule did you use? There is no rule called Payment Type Equals Credit Card.

i added the remove rounding action in this rule above AC CC type action

That means the payment has already been processed which means it took the payment including the amount for rounding and then you took rounding off creating a balance due.

You need to execute it BEFORE payment is taken.

ok so what rule should i use

If you want it automatic only when Credit Card is used then you may need to change your entire setup for the calculation and instead of using Rules use Payment Processors linked to payment types.

You can add the calculations to all payment types but Credit Cards.

If this is not an option that will work for you then you need to create a process that designates it to remove before credit card is processed. You can not do this through the Settle screen without a manual remove button…

So you could setup something that asks before you enter Settle Screen if its Credit Card or not and then remove calculation if Credit Card is chosen then it will enter the Payment Screen.

So basically add an ask question action to your Settle Rule. You would handle the response if its Credit Card then it will execute the Remove Calculation action before you allow it to enter the payment screen.

ya got your point but the thing is customer dont like to keep on pressing buttons. they want everything fast.

Then you might want to think about using Payment Processors for the calculations.

any reference or guide line for this

Go to your Payment Types and add a Payment Processor choose Add Calculation and insert your calculations. Do this for all payment types except Credit Card. Delete your rules that was adding your calculations.

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what sort of calculations i need to insert

Click settings and put your calculations for rounding there.

this is what i get:

which is again similar to show message

@madiha Uncheck confirm option from the Payment Processor settings.


if i remove the confirm setting it dont do the round up

at cash button it shows round up but dont do anything on bill

this is the setting for payment type

i restarted samba nopw nothing is happening
what is the purpose for use change amount. do we need to define the round up amount here or in calculation type.

this is what i have done
remove calculation selector mapping
add calculation in cash payment processor as shown above

It works fine for me I just inserted the following line to show the round amount in the ticket:

[<J10>|Round| {CALCULATION TOTAL:Round}]
           Moore's Dairy Creme            
      Owner Jesse And Melissa Parker      
            ( 870 ) 799 - 3980            
Ticket# 7       OP# 0001   TE# 1   TR# 521
 1 Burrito                            4.00
                         Subtotal     4.00
        State Sales Tax  6.50 %       0.26
       County Sales Tax  1.75 %       0.07
                            Round     0.02
                            Total     4.35
                 Credit Card Tend     4.35
              # ITEMS SOLD 1     
       TC# 6103 9223 4408 2109 2173       
6103 9223 4408 2109 2173

Calculation Type:

Payment Processor:

Ticket Template for Credit Card:


-- Business Name

<C100>Moore's Dairy Creme

-- Business Owner's Name

<C10>Owner Jesse And Melissa Parker

-- Phone Number

<C10>( 870 ) 799 - 3980 

<J00>Ticket# {TICKET NO} |OP# {ENTITY DATA:Employee:Operator Number}   |TE# 1   |TR# {TICKET ID}


[<C00>Type:{TICKET TAG:SG}]




[<J10>|Subtotal|     {PLAIN TOTAL}]




[<J10>|Subtotal|     [=TN('{{PLAIN TOTAL}')-TN('{DISCOUNTS}')]]



[<J10>|Round| {CALCULATION TOTAL:Round}]

[<J10>|Tip Amount|     {CALCULATION TOTAL:Tips}]


[<J10>|Total|     {TICKET TOTAL}]


[<L00>CC Info  {TICKET TAG:CCtype} ({TICKET TAG:CCdigits})]




[<J10>|Change Due|     {CHANGE TOTAL}]




-- Your Business Website







[<J00>|Discounts Given|     {ORDER TAG TOTAL:Discount Custom}]











[ORDER TAGS:Condiments]



<J10>|{TAX NAME}  [=F(TN('{TAX RATE}'))] %|  |     {TAX AMOUNT}

i found out where i was going wrong

at settle screen if i put exact amount to be paid like 24.99 then it wont round up because i am pying the exact amount even if i use the confirmation

and if i put 25 tendered amount then it rounds up