Remove sub menu Items

Hi. Wondering id anybody could help. Recently had the Sampapos 5 system installed and can no longer get hold of the people who fitted it.

Need to make a few changes. I have an idea of how to navigate through but need some help with the following.

We have 3 main menus: Drinks, Food and Hot Drinks.

Under food we have several sub catagories, starters, main meals etc etc. When main meals is selected a list of all the meals options.

When an option is chosed there is then a sub menu sat behind this with options for the meal…Chips, peas, salad etc.

We want to remove these options so that when the main meal is chosen thats it and no more selection needs to take place.

If anybody could offer assistance it would be much appreciated


Go to manage screen then Products then Menu and select the category then choose All Product Properties then uncheck Auto select option.

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I want to correct you though. That is not a submenu those are order tags or some ppl call them modifiers.

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Thanks for this. Worked a treat!

How do I change the order tags/modifiers


Also, while I’m here…

For some reason when entering food items on the till, I go to food, main meals and as soon as the first meal is selected the it returns to the drinks menu.

If I go back to food it then let’s me add the rest of the order without jumping back to the drinks menu. Is there a way I can stop this?


Probably they setup menu switching. If you go to Ticket type settings remove default menu from ticket type. That should solve it.


Thanks a lot Kendash. Will try this when I’m next in the pub

Any thoughts on how to edit the tags/modifiers? We still want these on 1 or 2 items but need to edit the options


You don’t need to use auto select to get tags, if you select an order in the ticket part it will show the same order selected screen.
This is the same for portions, autoselect is doing just that, selecting that order when added, which shows the portions/tags screen.
At any point you can select a new order manualy to change the tags/portions.

Thanks JTR I did notice this.

How do I change the tags though?

You can find information about order tags on this tutorial. I strongly suggest you to create a backup before changing settings so you can rollback easily if you need.

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