Remove submitted item

Hi this probably sounds like a stupid question but I am new to this system so I apologise.
How do I remove an item that has been submitted?
Void seems to void the entire ticket and doesn’t give me the option if clicking one item and then pressing void.
There must be a way if removing just one item where a customer has changed their mind or a staff member has entered the wrong thing without voiding the whole ticket and starting again?
Thanks :purple_heart:

You click on the item and press void. If that is not working then you have changed something with the default void Rule.


Check Automation Commands > Void Command to see if it mapped to order. Not ticket.

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Yes think it must be mapped wrong but not really sure how to fix it? Still getting my head round all this mapping and rules stuff , :blush:

Go to the automation command and then Mapping look at my screenshot.

Yes SambaPOS is not your typical POS software where you simply go through setups and it works. SambaPOS lets you customize everything to your business needs. Other POS Software does not allow this you can only customize what they allow. So there is a small learning curve but once you do enough tutorials you will find its really not that hard.

My advice is to do all the tutorials you can until you get a good grasp. Do tutorials you think you will never use even. Start with the tutorials in Version 5 Tutorials category then do some of the V4 tutorials as those mostly transfer to v5. Try some advanced tutorials they will really get your familiar.

Basically the action of doing the tutorials will get you very familiar with the settings and how to use them.


It’s daunting at first but once it click your understanding will grow exponentially and your abilities will grow verry fast.


Yey! That’s worked. It was mapped to the ticket not the order line. Thank you :blush::blush:
Where do I find these tutorial?
Cheers :purple_heart:

Well there is not always s tutorial for everything especially the very basic. Most of the very basics need to be learned in practice but you can find examples of just about everything by practicing the tutorials available even the ones you think you won’t use.

When I click an item, the void button is grayed out so i can’t click on it. how do i enable removing an item from a ticket if it pressed by mistake or something?

Press item then press cancel

Thanks for the reply, but i don’t seem to have a cancel button

This is a screenshot of what i see when i click into an item, any help will be much appreciated, i am using version 4 if that makes a difference.

Go to;
Manage --> Settings --> Program Settings --> Maintenance
You should have Rebuild default buttons, pretty sure this includes a cancel button.

Alternatively create your own from scratch (good learning experience if new);

Make a new automation command (button)
Named: Cancel
Header: Cancel
Mappings: * | * | * | * | Enabled: New | Viable: * OR New | Visibility: Order Line

Make an action
Name: Cancel Orders
Type: Cancel Orders
Par - Last Order Only: False

Make a Rule
Name: Cancel Orders
Event: Automation Command Executed
Constraint: Automation Command Name - Equals - Cancel (OR WHATEVER YOU NAMED IT IN FIRST PART)
Actions --> Select Actions --> Find your Cancel Orders Action.
Mappings: * * * *


Thanks! much appreciated

Hello, I see your answer to this question - thank you, you are great - you post so much we all value your knowledge. I have another question :slight_smile:

I am looking for a way to cancel an item of a old closed ticket. Its to deal with what we call “over rings”. If a mistake is made on a sale they just sign the receipt and put it in the drawer and I want to wipe off the system later.

When I go to the old ticket and tap an item, the cancel button is greyed out. Would you have a suggestion for me? thank you!

VOID… is what your looking for.
Once submitted there isnt a way to cancel completely.

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If the Ticket is Paid, you won’t be able to Void an item either.

You will need to Re-open the Ticket and Cancel Payments. Then Void the Item and re-Settle it.