Report account transaction details


From the post of @emre I can see that:

REPORT ACCOUNT TRANSACTION DETAILS tag are now implemented.We’ll be able to use new custom report features for reporting account transactions.

[REPORT:1, 1]
{REPORT ACCOUNT TRANSACTION DETAILS:T.Target,T.Amount.Sum:(ATT=Payment Transaction)}

I would guess it is similar as:
{REPORT TICKET DETAILS:<fields>:<expression>}

What are the new reporting tags/fields/expression for transaction account apart of ATT and maybe some examples :slight_smile:

Based on this topic:

By using fields section we can configure what data our report displays. There are three types of fields.

1- Predefined fields that requires a parameter. For example EC.Customer.Phone field requires 2 parameters and returns ticket’s customer phone.
2- Predefined with no parameter. These starts with T. identifier. For example T.Department returns department name.
3- Database Fields. These also starts with T. identifier. They are directly mapped to database fields. If you see a TicketNumber field in Tickets table you can read that value with T.TicketNumber. That means if a database value not listed here you can read it by using it’s field name.

I try:

[Account Transactions:1,1,1, 1]

But without success.

Also in the last exemple, where do these names related to Account Transaction come from?
I notice a T. for Ticket, a C, for Calculation, O. for Orders, P. for Payment; Is it T. also for Account Transaction?

  • T.DocumentType
  • T.Source
  • T.Target
  • T.Name
  • T.TransactionName
  • T.Amount

Especially looking at the account transaction table:

Is there some sort of glossary with the field names we can use ?

Thanks a lot