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I going to report this as an issue as I do not wish for it to get lost in the threads.

Currently @emre this is no way to address C.Inventory as an Expression in the Report Tag. From the linked posting the only solution is to use C.Instock but this is a fixed value which only is effected by End of Day counts. Most venues will only do counts once a week or even a month.

Your advice would be appreciated, thank you.

Inventory is not a database field. This is a helper so can’t be used directly inside expressions. Try C.GetPhysicalInventory() > 2 on expression part.

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SQL discussion…

Thank @emre

[Inventory Consumptions:1,1,1,1]
{REPORT CONSUMPTION DETAILS:C.Name,C.Warehouse,C.Inventory.asc,C.InStock:C.GetPhysicalInventory() < 2} 

Works Great.