Report Date errors from bad date & time

Hey Guys

My till had a bad battery on the mother board so my OS date & time was all wrong, sometimes set to dates in the future sometimes in the past.

Unfortunately this resulted in work periods being created with those faulty dates and then I was having to recreate those exact dates to see items sold and settled and void them after work periods were ended.

This has played havoc with my reports, with my reporting system not being able to report a “Today” or “Past Week” or “This Week”. It strings along a report from “10 April 2016 to 5 September 2016” no matter what report option you choose.

This is ok with end of day settlements as I can then select today’s date from the drop down box.

But It makes weekly stock takes impossible as even with date selection on the right it reverts back to its own date selection “10 April 2016 to 5 September 2016”

Funny “This Month April” works but not “This Month May”

Any help would be appreciated

You sure it was just a battery doing that? Anyway you need to edit the actual SQL to fix that and it would not be easy. Your talking about a lot of dates to track and try to fix as well as risk losing data if you make a mistake.

so you suggest clearing accounting? Would the “clear database transactions” be useful?

That would delete everything. Perhaps make a backup so you still have the data then start fresh with clear transactions. If you ever need the past data you could load the backup to retrieve it.

I like that idea, will do, and by “everything” it doesn’t mean products or menus right? What about recipes for inventory?

Its accounts/transaction history.
Your automation and menu etc will not be effected.
Dont use inventory but pretty sure recipes etc will not be effected but inventory consumption etc would as is clearing the sales etc.
So long as you backup first you will be able to restore if you find something is cleared you werent expecting anyway.

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For next version (.60) I updated end of day record rebuilding maintenance to delete & rebuild work periods. You only need to define start & end time for work periods and it will rebuild them by using ticket’s last update date. After completing it, it will rebuild end of day records accordingly.

In this sample it will rebuild work periods as it started at 7 and ended at 23. Leaving them 0 will skip work period rebuilding and only rebuild end of day records.

I hope that will help a bit. Please DON’T run in ON PRODUCTION before running it somewhere else and ensure it works as expected.