REPORT DETAILS Tags with 5.1.51 not working

@emre it seems there is a bug with some report tags in 5.1.51

Can you look at this. I know REPORT PAYMENT DETAILS is not working as it should.

EDIT: Looking deeper it seems ALL of the REPORT X DETAILS tags are not working.

Why, after update to 5.1.51, report payment at work period and item sales report not display/blank?

Do you have any data in that work period? Have you done any sales for those 7 minutes?

Yes, i have 50 transaction and not display report, so i try to new database for trial n give same result not display report

That report is for 7 minutes… so you had 50 transactions in 7 minutes? Between 22:52 and 22:59 you had 50 transactions?

No, at the other database. this picture is my new trial database

Show the report syntax your using? Did you access it via Reports from navigation or did you go straight to report editor in manage and try?

All report Fresh from SambaPOS, as same as initial installation, i am not change the report.
I try all as a new installation, not change, and i have been to click create default report from Program Setting > Maintenace

Did you try viewing reports from Navigation screen? If you go to Tickets does it show the tickets?

Yes, i view from navigation screen > Report and choose work period report

It seems to be working?

Oh nevermind I see it… let me investigate.

At payment section, not display report

and this item sales report

I Have to uninstall all and delete all file.
and i install again, but give same error result

@emre looks like something changed you should look at this.

Some Report tags are not working properly.

Hi Emre Very Impressed with all the work you and the other guys do but after updating to 5.1.51 can not seem to get RemainingAmount to work, Table Names Customer Names e.t.c work but can not get Remaining Amount on Table it just shows up blank.

Thanks Again

Show a screenshot of your syntax?

Hi Kendash I changed nothing but upgraded and now table Price not showing…

and this is the table screen which did show ticket total on…

Copy and paste that syntax here so I can see the full syntax.

Sorry Here it is :-

<size 18><i><b><color Black>$1</color></b></i></size><br/><color Yellow>{SETTING:{ENTITY NAME}}</color><br/><color Orange>£{REPORT TICKET DETAILS:T.RemainingAmount:(TEN.Table=$1) and T.RemainingAmount>0: -}</color>

Also i can;t seem to go back to 5.1.50 as i get Check Database Error

Strange …