TEN not working in reports

@emre I have followed this great tutorial. Many things do work perfectly.

The problems is I cannot get this one to work for me:

{REPORT TICKET DETAILS:EN.Clientes,EN.Mesas,T.RemainingAmount:TEN.Mesas=P 01}

“Clientes” is the name of my Customer entity type.
“Mesas” is the name of my Tables entity type.
“P 01” is the name of a particular entity of type “Mesas”. In other words it is the name of the table.

I am using SambaPOS PRO 5.1.61.

I have also tried:

{REPORT TICKET DETAILS:EN.Clientes,EN.Mesas,T.RemainingAmount:TEN.Mesas==P 01}

{REPORT TICKET DETAILS:EN.Clientes,EN.Mesas,T.RemainingAmount:TEN.Mesas="P 01"}

{REPORT TICKET DETAILS:EN.Clientes,EN.Mesas,T.RemainingAmount:TEN.Mesas=="P 01"}

I also found this post:

But I believe I have a newer version (I have downloaded the latest Beta two days ago).

Do you know what I am doing wrong?

In the tutorial you linked TEN was in (), Have you tried it?

The brackets are required

The Parenthesis did the trick. Thanks