Report Time Filters Completely Messed Up

So I am afraid I may have messed something up with my work periods as I seem to be really confused by how the time frames work in the reports. I had virtual work periods enabled but then quickly disabled them after learning it has a cutoff time of last ticket… I am worried I messed something up by disabling it back to regular work periods.

Every time I refresh it has different numbers show in the report. This is extremely confusing because the client thinks the reports are broken and inconsistent.

Is this normal behavior?

When did you end using vwp? Also are you manually opening and closing wp at 403am?

I made the change the morning of the 27th. Yeah now I just have a trigger closing and opening at 403am. Another thing that happened to me is my punch clock editor does not show any punches for last 2 days :frowning:

You probably ended up with two work periods for that day. It should be fine after.

See virtual wp never created work periods until you manually closed one. It then used last ticket for ending and the start time defined for beginning and generated the work periods.

Sorry im a little lost. So how do you think I can fix this? I was thinking of just rebuilding the whole database and never touching virtual workperiods again. Is there an easier way out for me?

It is probably just that one day that will be messed up honestly. I would just watch it and let it go into a new week and see how it looks. He can use date time picker for affected date.

It looks like you had two work periods across that date.

The problem is That my punch editor is also broken for the new time clock I implemented. When I go to punch editor my punches don’t show up for 29th and 30th

I’ll take a look. It’s because they are tied to work periods but we should be able to fix it. It should just be that one day affected as well.

I’ll be at my home soon I’ll fire up my dev machine and look for a way to fix it. I think it used work period in the task

Yeah it really looks like it. Thanks man, I know your busy I appreciate your time.

For future if you ever transition from virtual work periods do a manual end at the time you would normally end one then start new one next day at normal start time.

Lots of people don’t really understand what they are. They we’re never meant to replace stopping work periods completely. They never actually generated a work period they just used start reference time and last ticket made before that start time for reports. When you manually ended work period it would then generate all the work periods based off that same logic

Personally I wish he would have coded an end time too. Instead of using last ticket.

Oh okay, thank you for clearing that up. I am going to stay away from virtual work periods from now on because there is no end time.

Yeah. Doing manual work periods is also okay for me, I just used virtual work periods to make it easier.

I think with our upcoming cc integration manual work periods either automated or not is important. I personally will tell my clients they must close work period every day or they will potentially interrupt cc deposit schedule. Get them in good habits.

I agree. Im just going to stick to manual.

So when you add task for time clock it is recording the current work period in custom data. Its stored as mm dd yyyy so you need to look at MSSMS find that punch and see what work period it recorded under then try selecting that date.

Take a look at this Jesse. Youre right it is creating 2 work periods every night. Any ideas on how I may be able to stop this. Should I clear out work periods and clear all sales data in samba database tasks? Will I have another workperiod the next morning if I do all this? I dont really care about their last weeks sales data, I can clear that as long as I fix this.

It created 3. Show your automation. I think you set start and end time too close