Reprint Old Reciept

Hello everyone.

i want to print a receipt for a paid ticket.

Unfortunately, I can print only the Bill but not the paid receipt that includes GST (VAT) and payment method, so it can’t be considered as tax invoice without these 2 details. Also, I need to have the date that is been paid. Now, I see the the todays date and time when I press the Print Bill button, instead printing the old date.

I tried to play around a bit with the print last receipt to stick some actions for the old dates but I created a big mess. So, I give up and I am asking for your help.

Can I Use this on sambapos 5.3.6 or is there anything Similar? I can reopen the old ticket but the “reprint customer receipt” button is not showing up.

Thank you in advance

You need to redo your template to get correct dates. You should be using payment date or the last modified date.