Reservation Setup Beta

What he demonstrated was really a new feature that allowed us to build a reservation system. We can modify it to our own needs. Not everyone will want the same system.

Likely you need to log out and log back in for that to take affect or create a new ticket.

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I have the beta version but when i do the update action, wont update the list of tasks

Click on edit tasks… Delete all the tasks… Save it. Go back and press Update.

Show what version your running too please. There have been multiple versions of the same beta release.

Be sure your using English translation too.

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Thank you, it was my version of beta now i have 120 version in red bg

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Remember beta version expires… the 120 means days left. So do not use it in production.

Love the new reservation setup. :sunglasses:

Changed it to suit my needs using a custom entity screen.
My work flow does not require the table selection (nice feature though) and I added a custom keyboard so staff can easily input the info.
Also added a button to print a list of bookings for the current work period out so the kitchen know how many are booked in and when.

However I have noticed that the Pax does not update if changed on my screen.
I can create the reservation and the other fields will update if changed and saved, this maybe due to my setup but - or I may have inadvertently changed something on the report viewer by accident.

Cant check on a base database until tomorrow.


Great Setup. Wish someone suggested to use Cover instead of Pax. It better suits to our case. Maybe I’ll do it on second version of Reservation Setup.

This is probably because of renaming Pax. Review all “Update Task” actions to ensure all custom field names are correct.

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+1 to that, didn’t think about it before but since mentioned it makes sense. Did something like that before on my setups, called it “Guest Count” or “Person Count” when actually “Covers” is more commonly used :stuck_out_tongue:


Covers is what we use for our references to people on tables etc.

I need to add one more digit to the telephone number, somehow its one digit short for UK numbers, any ideas where I need to make these changes? Thanks

Its ok I have managed to figure it out in design mode.

Changed phone settings to (\d{4}) \d{3} \d{4}


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Is it possible to reserve 2 tables for 1 reservation? Sometime when we have a big group make a booking we to put 2 tables or sometime 3 tables together :grin:

Wouldn’t that make 1 table? A big one lol


:sweat_smile: I only got 12 tables. I cant make big table. Like most of the times 2pp want to sit on a table for 4. Im lost table when 4 pp walk in i cant sit them.

When 6 pp what to book I will put table 1 and 2 together or put 2 and 3 together for 8 peoples
I cant make one big table if no one book.:slightly_smiling_face:


When you put together table 1 and 2, you would just use table 1 and than the server will notice the table is joined and serve the food.

To combine tables than just split the booking in two parts, one with 2 people and place them on table 1 and one with 4 on table 2.

If I use the Reservarion Ticket button and then add it to the table once its available, I cant void anything on that table.

Cancel order or Void?

Void … The buttons not there

Check your ticket state. And show your mapping for void.