[RESOLVED]Accounting Tax Calculation difference between Cash Tendered and Sales

I ran this test over and over and it reproduced every time. I ordered 3 of same item with total of 9.74 tendered 9.74 in cash. Here is what it shows on accounting.

As you can see there is a difference of .01 cent Sales reported it as 9.75 Cash Till is correct at showing 9.74. Receivables worked correctly as it pulled 9.75 from sales. If you add up the two taxes thats where the difference is. The taxes added up = .75 however on settle screen it clearly showed 9.74
Here is my ticket:

Here are my tax templates:

So far it seems to only do it with 3 3.00 items and when tax is added to 9.00 total. I ran multiple combinations of other items and it has not done it. I also ran it with a different item that was also 3.00 and it had the same .01 cent difference

Ok I have narrowed the issue down to when it calculates the tax total. The 9.00 transaction = 1.75% tax = .1575 and 6.50% = .585

On the accounting screen under sales accounts it rounded the 6.5% tax up to = .59 and it rounded up the 1.75% tax to = .16

On the ticket printout it looks like this:
           Moore’s Dairy Creme            
Date:7/23/2014                Time:9:40 PM
                Type:To Go                
               Ticket No:3

  • 3 Chicken Strips                    9.00

Subtotal:                             9.00

Tax: 0.59                                 
Tax Name: %6.5 State Sales Tax

Tax: 0.16                                 
Tax Name: %1.75 County Sales Tax

Tax:                                  0.74
Total:                                9.74
Cash Till                             9.74

T H A N K   Y O U

As you can see it calculated the taxes by rounding up. But the total does not equal .59+.16 which should be .75. The Tax total printed as .74. So something is wrong with how it is figuring the TAX TOTAL.

Apparently instead of adding the two already rounded taxes… it is adding the raw taxes before rounding and then rounding the total. To be more accurate it should just combine the two rounded taxes.

Total of .1575+.585=.7425 so it rounded it to .74. you can fix this by having tax total just add the two already rounded numbers.

Actually to be more accurate to calculate total it should be 6.5+1.75 = 8.25 so 9.00x.0825=.7425=.74

so your total is accurate now we gotta figure out how to get it translated into the accounting screen correctly because it separates the two taxes and adds in accounting screen.

I found a way around it. I had separate account transactions for each tax mapped to their own account and then on my tax tables I had each tax mapped to a separate transaction when I really should have just made one Transaction and mapped the tax tables to that same transaction. The accounting is accurate now however I really liked seeing the separate taxes on my accounting sheet, although with the way Samba is built I don’t think that would be viable without a massive overhaul so I am content with the fix for now.

When you want to separate Tax Accounts you need to round tax amounts individually since accounting system stores values rounded to 2 decimals. I mean tax amount should be calculated as 0.16 + 0.59 on ticket side to match with your accounts. So to be able to round tax values by 2 decimals you need to set Rounding on tax templates as 2.

However while testing that I’ve noticed Rounding does not work tax excluded templates so I’ve implemented it for next update. I hope to release it soon.

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Good Day sir can i disturb you just a few mins… can you give me the screen shoot of your tax transaction at your transaction type? accounts=transaction types=tax transaction

I am in the USA and I use two because I have two taxes, State and County… here it is:

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wow!!! nice one… Thanks Kendash… problem solved. God Bless