[RESOLVED] <R> Printer Template Formatting

I know with Justified formatting I can insert a | for it to split left and right.

I need something that can behave similar with <R> format… Look at screen below:

I want those right justified but I want to insert a predefined space between them and the Tax Amount…

I can use spaces… but then the alignment is off when the decimal numbers change… example

       Tax 1:  0.21
       Tax 2:  0.21
 Tip Amount:  10.21

I want the Tax Name and the Tax Value separated and both Justified separately to the right.

        Tax 1:   0.21
        Tax 2:   0.21
   Tip Amount:  10.21

May I see your template?

Yes when I get home ill post it.

The sample sshot I gave you was not how it normally looks. I was trying different settings to see if I could do it. If I try xxxx|xxx it wont use the | it just prints it. I want both Justified to right but I want them lined up like I showed you in my example.


-- General layout

<C10>Your Business Name Here



[<C00>Type:{TICKET TAG:SG}]

<C00>Ticket No:{TICKET NO}



<R10>Subtotal:  {PLAIN TOTAL}




[<J10>Total Gift:|{ORDER STATE TOTAL:Gift}]



[<R10>Tip Amount:  {CALCULATION TOTAL:Tips}]



<R10>Total:  {TICKET TOTAL}






[<L00>CC Info: {TICKET TAG:CCtype} ({TICKET TAG:CCdigits})]

[<J10>Change Due: | {CHANGE TOTAL}]



<C10>T H A N K   Y O U










-- Default format for orders




-- Format for gifted orders




-- Nothing will print for void lines


-- Format for order tags

<J00>   -{ORDER TAG NAME} 

-- Format for Taxes --



I think you can format it as

<J10> | SubTotal: |{PLAIN TOTAL}

I will try it. Thanks.

It may not be possible to do what I want. I got to thinking… what I actually need is a hardcoded position for the Name to be justified too. If I use |(XX:)|(XX) the first |(XX:) is still justified to the beginning length of |(XX) so if |(XX) is actually |(XXX) then |(XX:) will not be lined up with the line above it.

What I need is a predefined position for |(XX:) to be justified to. This way no matter if |(XX) = |(XXXX), |(XX:) will still be justified at the same position.

<J> always justifies to right all columns other than first column.

It is hard for me to explain what I am trying to do. Lets say I have {NAME} and {NUMBER} I want {NAME} to be justified to a specific point in the receipt and I do not want it to change no matter how many characters are printed in {NUMBER} I want {NUMBER} to be justified to right.


  This way output will always look like the following

  Receipt #2343  TR#2343
  |           John:   12
  |           John:  123
  |           John: 1234

hmm. OK I thought you are trying to align colon chars to a straight line. Doesn’t it solve your issue?

Edit: I’ve noticed some thing. Usage of tags such as <EB>, <F> tags between lines breaks calculation of columns. You can temporarily remove them for testing. I’ll tweak it a little to allow such tags.

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ah ok… I will play with it some more.

Ok yes it works now… So I will just design it how I want and then wait for your future change. I got it to work when removing <EB> and <F>

I thought I was crazy because typically that is how Justified text works :stuck_out_tongue:

Quick question… how could I test the qr code and barcode printouts? I do not have my POS hardware printer yet (will be purchasing them closer to deployment of Samba)
and if I set to windows printer it does not print them on my samsung laser printer.
If I try HTML printer my samgsung desktop laser printer will not print at all.

EDIT: Never mind I can just wait. I guess its not possible with my printer.

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Tested the <EB><DB><F> tags with new version… works great! Cant see them in ticket below… but I have bold enabled on Subtotal, Total, and Payment and the alignment stayed! Thank you @emre

         Your Business Name Here          
Date:8/29/2014   Time:7:11 PM     TR#:1914
               Ticket No:55               
 1 Burrito                            3.25
                           Subtotal:  3.25
                         %6.5 Tax 1:  0.21
                        %1.75 Tax 2:  0.06
                         Tip Amount:  1.48
                              Total:  5.00
                       Cash Payment:  5.00
            T H A N K   Y O U             

Can anyone please post the code i need add for the Subtotal line Thank you…

" i figure it out thanks "

{PLAIN TOTAL} i think it is so type

Sub Total | {PLAIN TOTAL}

Thank you. Yea that was it

is there any way to use A4 laser printer with logo and negritas letters?

My apologies in advance peopl if this is a boring question
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The BMP tag should allow for logo printing…