[RESOLVED] <R> Printer Template Formatting

hmm. OK I thought you are trying to align colon chars to a straight line. Doesn’t it solve your issue?

Edit: I’ve noticed some thing. Usage of tags such as <EB>, <F> tags between lines breaks calculation of columns. You can temporarily remove them for testing. I’ll tweak it a little to allow such tags.

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ah ok… I will play with it some more.

Ok yes it works now… So I will just design it how I want and then wait for your future change. I got it to work when removing <EB> and <F>

I thought I was crazy because typically that is how Justified text works :stuck_out_tongue:

Quick question… how could I test the qr code and barcode printouts? I do not have my POS hardware printer yet (will be purchasing them closer to deployment of Samba)
and if I set to windows printer it does not print them on my samsung laser printer.
If I try HTML printer my samgsung desktop laser printer will not print at all.

EDIT: Never mind I can just wait. I guess its not possible with my printer.

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Tested the <EB><DB><F> tags with new version… works great! Cant see them in ticket below… but I have bold enabled on Subtotal, Total, and Payment and the alignment stayed! Thank you @emre

         Your Business Name Here          
Date:8/29/2014   Time:7:11 PM     TR#:1914
               Ticket No:55               
 1 Burrito                            3.25
                           Subtotal:  3.25
                         %6.5 Tax 1:  0.21
                        %1.75 Tax 2:  0.06
                         Tip Amount:  1.48
                              Total:  5.00
                       Cash Payment:  5.00
            T H A N K   Y O U             

Can anyone please post the code i need add for the Subtotal line Thank you…

" i figure it out thanks "

{PLAIN TOTAL} i think it is so type

Sub Total | {PLAIN TOTAL}

Thank you. Yea that was it

is there any way to use A4 laser printer with logo and negritas letters?

My apologies in advance peopl if this is a boring question
just researched on various topics, but not found anything as:
Logo Printing in Laser Printer.

The BMP tag should allow for logo printing…


@Cazz <BMP> tag worked fine for my laser the quote you used of me was specifically about QR codes and bar codes. It is also no longer an issue for me because I have my actual POS printers now.

Which tag you used to print QR code and barcode of the laser printer?

What Printer Type you used?

I’m trying with several laser’s printers, unfortunately none can print the logo type and the codes QR and Barcode.

My recent attempt was with HP Laserjet P1102 Professional
Any idea for me to solve this problem?

I no longer use my laser it was just for testing while I waited for my POS printers to arrive. Here is the printers I now use:


To my knowledge this printer has ESC\POS support…

I use the BIXOLON SRP 350III and not have any problem in printing logos and codes
in html

but it is not possible to laserjet, not Print html Template

<BMP> C:\path\to\LOGO.BMP

This means that I have to create two folders in the root C :?
(path \) and (to \) and the LOGO.BMP inside the folder (to \)?

laserjet printer which BMP format should I use?

  • Monochrome bitmap
  • Bitmap 16 bit color
  • Bitmap 256 color Bit
  • Bitmap 24 bit

No you do not have to create 2 folders.

I get this error when printing (html) in Printer Type

@Jesse (Html) how can I set larger print area width size, something like A4 International Paper size?
is it possible? how should I do

@Cazz you can try using Windows printer as it obeys printer driver’s page setup.

You can find a sample HTML template here.

Do you want to print A4 size Tickets from a laser printer? We support ESC/POS printers for ticket printing. We also have HTML printer to print from ticket printers but it converts printout to postscript so it supports multi language. I mean for both printers we assume there is a ticket printer.

A4 printers are generally used for report printing but few people also uses A4 printers for invoice printing. However as it generally prints on pre-printed invoices (eg. logos are already printed on paper) there is no logo printing support.

@emre thanks for the reply, I am sorry and I miss that there was support for printing on A4 formatted (with negritas letters and logos) because I had a lot of customer requiring invoice A4, mainly customers of companies and institutions, in order to save on their convenient, would be a nice way able to deliver an invoice in A4 and more like I Tickets … in any case I hope that this issue humbly deserve your attention in V5.