[Resolved] Rounding by Ticket Total Exactly Type!

i want to set round up in a way that i get 5 or 0 values at end only

hoe can achieve this

how do i set that

@emre / @Jesse

i set the calculation type to round ticket total exactly

now the problem if the ticket total is .00 or .05 it makes to .05 or .00 which logically shoudnt happen

how to resolve this!!!

Is it because you have rate or amount field set to 0.05?

I dont know as i dont use rounding, just seemed a coincidence that you were getting 0.05 which is the value you have set there???

that’s the point i need to know why and how could it be solved

leader please help thanks

If you want it to round down you have to create a transaction type to decrease Amount. Or it will always round up.

Screenshots coming:

Round Up Transaction Type:

Round Down Transaction Type:

Round Up Calculation Type:

Round Down Calculation Type:

Calculation Selector:

This will automatically round the ticket no button required.

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i want it to always round up

and it is rounding up my concern is
why rounding 0.05 or 0 up also?

can you show an example?

You told it to Round Exactly by .05 so its going to round EVERYTHING by .05 this includes 0

oh ok then what should i do to let it always round up and not to skip lower values also

you see in other article by @JohnS they have this disccussion

Actually its not. If you set it to Round Exactly it does not skip. Maybe @emre should look at the rounding from 0 though.

so for time being i need this feature what do you suggest

any rule, or other calculation type

PS you got another feature that SambaPOS need improve

You could instead of using a calculation type use the action and set it in a rule that has a constraint on 0. BTW I have not tested that.

testing takes more time than setting a rule :slight_smile:

if @emre can juz add a constraint in the rule will more faster …@emre can you please do so :slight_smile:

What do you mean if he can add a constraint in the rule? You can write your own constraints that is how it is designed.

so if he can add some rules in the programming at backend will be faster …correct

it is something everybody wants to be correct

Maybe we are confusing some terminology. I am referring to Rules in Automation > Rules. Are you referring to something else?

If you mean can he fix the Calculation so it wont Round 0 then that depends on if it was expected behavior or not. Because you told it to round Exact.

I would assume it shouldnt round 0 as well. But it could have another purpose we have not discovered.

i was referring to programming at backend

That is not called Rules btw. You completely confused me because Rules in SambaPOS means Automation > Rules :stuck_out_tongue:

And Constraint is specific terminology for those Rules. So I naturally thought you were talking about Rule Constraints and although I had a hunch what you really meant it was confusing and I had to make sure :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW: I am looking at other options testing a few things.

Depends many times it takes A LOT of his time away from other projects that more people can use.

understand…hmm i will try at my end let see then thanks