[Resolved] Rounding by Ticket Total Exactly Type!

Hmm strange. I can not reproduce that. Do you have Order Tagged event as well? Its not just that rule and action because on my system it works just fine. So it has to be a sequence of events causing the behavior. More than likely you have a display ticket action somewhere.

would you like to use team viewer and see the issue

I do not have Team Viewer but I could look at your database if you want to PM a copy to me.

ok i will send in a while

Actually I let me look at something else real fast I may have figured it out.

I was wrong. BTW thought I would let you know that the behavior of it rounding 0 is not intended.

The behavior your getting is also not usual it is definitely something with your specific setup. I just tried that same setup on a default SambaPOS4 database and it still allowed auto select just fine.

ok i am waiting if not let me know i will send you the db backup

sorry didnt get your point have send the db bckup

The rounding 0 issue has been fixed with a future version.

Example of it working fine:

I loaded your database and the Order Tags are auto showing like they should…

Nevermind you had mapping off still. Ok I think I see where problem is.

what i notice is if auto rounding happens then modifers are not automatically popping…and if one modifer is selected then it returns to the main menu

Ok I reproduced it but when i took mapping off your Adjust Calculation rule the one for Ticket Total Changed. it stopped doing it. I then added mapping back to that rule and it worked fine still…

the event is working fine but the modfier autoselection is not

Do this… go to your Ticket Total Changed rule and set it to Matches all. Save it then try your Pizza’s

ok will try and update

pizza is better than before not good enough yet :smile:

why after selecting one modifier its returning back to the ticket why cant i select more than one modifer at same time

There is something else conflicting with it I am trying to figure it out.

keep up the good work and help out thanks alot

It only does it on first startup of Samba. If you close a ticket and go to menu then bafck to POS it works fine. The problem with it only letting you select one order tag is something else.

Sorry for bringing something different to attention but did you tried Custom Calculations for rounding?

You can try something like that.

Setup a custom calculation as described here

use this expression as script.

result = 0.05 - ((Ticket.PSum + Ticket.PreSum + Ticket.Tax) % 0.05)

As custom calculations works differently from regular calculations creating an automatic selector may create issues. Instead you can try enabling it with Update Ticket Calculation action after first item added to ticket. (eg. ticket state changes from new to new orders).

Might be a nice sample for implementing some unusual calculations.


BTW the reason its only letting you select one order tag is because you have an Order Tagged event triggering another calculation.

Maybe lets stop wasting time figuring this out and try what @emre suggested.