[Resolved] SambaPOS 4.1.49 Keep Open the Screen Keyboard and Product didnt Show Up

I’ve download and tried SambaPOS 4.1.49, and I found some issue that screen keyboard keep opening when I entering a new window. I already add new product following the instruction on Configuring Menus on First Install but the new products not show up,only the category show up.

Herewith the capture screen:

Your menu is not configured correctly. Go to your Menu take a screenshot of it and post here I think you probably didnt add products correctly.

Hi Kendash,
thanks for your attention…
here the capture of product list and the menu

You have to double click on your Menu Categories and add your products to each category. You have categories defined but no products under them.

See how I have numbers beside my Menu Categories… thats how many products in each category I assigned. Look at the add product box that pops up when you double click it. Use that to add products to each category.

Oh…I see…
thanks for the clue… RESOLVED :slight_smile: