Retail Setup with No Menus - An alternative POS screen layout


hmmmmmm what you thinking?


Well I tested how those automation settings work in menu. They work when product is added so no way around that. But the work around with close ticket solves it.

I tested by setting no portion for product. It allows button to be pressed but does not execute command. This means command is not executed until product is added to ticket.


yep that work around is working good haha :slight_smile:

yea i tried that as well and had to add a portion back in


@RickH :warning: Hopefully I was supposed to share that lol.

You might like this:


Nice!! So we can add our own buttons and assume set auto comnands to them? So that gets us away from the dummy product setup?

Is this in the .44 update?

Can we arrange the custom buttons ourselves or make then hidden to act spacers like we can with products??

Having an option like edit product properties but edit custom button properties so we can set headers, colours, images, sort order, hidden text picture or both etc etc would be good :slight_smile:


just tried the custom button setting but they act the same as products, although they dont add a product to the ticket they still “create” a ticket. for example if i create an open drawer customer button and map the open drawer auto command to it when pressed the open drawer auto command fires and drawer opens but it also creates a ticket with no products on it so then have to manually close it

This would be a great feature if the custom buttons behaved just as buttons with auto commands set and dont create tickets, would that be possible?


@kendash do you know what this action does and how to use it? could it be used for what im trying to do?


I think its pretty obvious what it does. Play around with it and see.


It won’t create ticket on next (.46) version.


im using .45 and they still create a ticket, was there a re-upload of .45 that i need to download again?


He probably meant .46


its going to work quite well i think, dont even need to mess with creating order tags for automate the order line commands, the new custom button works for order line actions as well. i just tested with price change button and it worked :smile:

once the ticket creation has been removed ill be able to undo the changes to the rules i made and hopefully should be quite good :slight_smile:


I think that setup will also be useful for bar setup. When there is no ticket on screen we can display menu x that contains common commands. When user starts creating ticket we can display regular menu. I mean Switch menu action can also be used to display a set of command buttons. Interesting.


Yes i didnt think of that, thats sounds great ill try that using switch menu to display commands

And its really good that orderline commands work there as well as ticket so everything can be in one place :slight_smile:


this should work well @emre, good idea!!

im obviously still setting this all up (and waiting for next update so the custom buttons dont create tickets :slight_smile: )

heres a sample of the flow, below is the main screen (by no means finished still trying things out) press nappy cake custom button and you are taken to the nappy cake products (set up as a menu so we can use the change menu action to move between categories)

nappy cake category (menu) ive added boys moses basket to ticket

press the back button to go back to the main pos screen

now i could split this up further and create menus for boys nappy cakes, girls nappy cakes, neutral nappy cakes to create my own categories but using menus. Then each sub category would have a back button to go back from boys nappy cakes menu (only displays boy products) into nappy cake menu (displays buttons for girls, boys, neutral) and a “home” button so if we are 3 menus in instead of pressing back to go back through all the menus to the beginning we can press “home” and be taken straight back to the main pos screen

This is ideal for retail setup where no categories are needed as everything has a barcode, but if barcode is missing or doesnt scan we have the option to go into categories (set up as menus) to manually add a product!!

Great work Emre this is working really well and opens up a completely different way of setting up menus/categories and as you suggested earlier today it could work well for a bar setup so i might even re-design my bar menu and categories using this setup… very interesting :slight_smile:


It could be used as alternative payment screen. I mean no need to actually change screen all functions can be a menu lol. This means we could do some interesting things in ticket view as well where it lists multiple tickets.


yea im going to have all my payment options there too

one snag im having is using my order line actions such as my remove line (renamed void), using standard button and mapping this button wouldnt show until you selected an order so would only affect those orders selected. Now, however as it can affect the whole ticket if i select an order and press void it removes it from ticket BUT if i “forget” to select any orders and just press void it removes every order from the ticket.

@emre if there isnt the ability to do this already could we add an Order Selected Event Rule so that i can put the actions to remove an order into this rule so that when i press the void button if no orders are selected it wont do anything (or i can create a message to pop up saying select orders to void first), and it will only work if i select orders and the press void, removing just those orders that i have selected?


im also trying to create a number pad using the custom buttons, so when i press custom button 1 it enters a 1 in the keypad field that appears. I can get this to work but only for 1 digit, so if i press the 1 button it enters 1, but if i then press another number that replaces the 1 instead of adding to it. If i can get that to work also it means i could type barcodes that wont scan instead of using my current setup where i press the search button and a keyboard appears to type into. This would remove the need for an additional keyboard to pop up and we could just type into the custom button keypad

i didnt want to activate the built in keypad as it fills across the entire screen and i want the number buttons the same size as the rest of the buttons, with other buttons around the keypad.

im not quite sure how to make it add additional numbers instead of replacing them, if that is possible, any ideas?


There is a constraint to do selected order.


You need to use actual number pad the buttons won’t make a number pad. Just enable number pad and customize it how you want. I’m talking the menu one. To get other buttons around it remember it can be automation commands too and it can be customized