Retail Setup with No Menus - An alternative POS screen layout


@RickH the reason its darker is because your in Dark theme and its transparent. Try it in light theme if that doesnt work then I was just wrong lol. I probably am.

But then again you chose dark theme for a reason.


ive set a button with a picture instead of using the colour and naming the button, you can see below ive changed the free item button to an image that says test on it

is there a way i can get the image to easily fill the size of the button, iv tried putting the panel tag around the image path and also a block tag around the image path but that keeps a small border around the image as you can see below (when hovered over you can see the blue highlight behind).

EDIT: actually taking a screen shot doesnt show the blue highlight, so a quick way to ensure the button fills the button would be great but i guess its a case of keep resizing the image until it fits?



Can I get your database copy too plz??
For just retail screen


DB backups are not shared due to potential licence issues.


Ok no problem.




there is a search button on your retail screen to the top left hand side, is that button to search any product?


To be honest i cant remember now ive not had that button or used that setup for ages now


Doesnt a menu category with no menu items act as a search using the ‘number pad’ field?


No, if you dont put a items in the categories you won’t be able to search that item from the numberpad


If it wasn’t for this , I should have asked for the database too. I have a similar setup but I have no idea where to start to come up with something like this.