Ricks Tutorial 17 - Cashing Up Screen

This will take some time to complete as there are lots of parts to it and it has taken me just about 2 years to get it to a complete usable state.

Here are some screenshots of how it has developed over the last 2 years with help of many people on the forum

March 2015

March 2016

November 2016

March 2017 - Final Version


Wow has it really been 2 years???

i know i didnt realise until i went back through other conversations and saw the dates

I don’t think you will stop here :slight_smile:


Wow, youre a Genius seriously. Ive completed all your tutorials and they´ve been extremely valuable to me. Thank you sincerely. Will you make a tutorial for this? or maybe some hints to start playing around? Thanks again Rick!

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Ive had a lot of help along the way and theres a few that are more of a genius than i am lol

Yea im going to do a tutorial just not had time yet


Perfect, i´ll be waiting eagerly for it!!

Thanks Rick!!!

Nice, i am waiting too would be good to have it …

Can’t wait until you do this tutorial… :wink:

@RickH Any updates on this cash up screen? I’m really interested in implementing this for a setup


I don’t see any tutorial here or I missed something up?

Nope not missed anything just not had time to write it as itll take quite a while

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please do find time :slight_smile: