Ricks Tutorial 17 - Cashing Up Screen

This will take some time to complete as there are lots of parts to it and it has taken me just about 2 years to get it to a complete usable state.

Here are some screenshots of how it has developed over the last 2 years with help of many people on the forum

March 2015

March 2016

November 2016

March 2017 - Final Version


Wow has it really been 2 years???

i know i didnt realise until i went back through other conversations and saw the dates

I don’t think you will stop here :slight_smile:


Wow, youre a Genius seriously. Ive completed all your tutorials and they´ve been extremely valuable to me. Thank you sincerely. Will you make a tutorial for this? or maybe some hints to start playing around? Thanks again Rick!

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Ive had a lot of help along the way and theres a few that are more of a genius than i am lol

Yea im going to do a tutorial just not had time yet


Perfect, i´ll be waiting eagerly for it!!

Thanks Rick!!!

Nice, i am waiting too would be good to have it …

Can’t wait until you do this tutorial… :wink:

@RickH Any updates on this cash up screen? I’m really interested in implementing this for a setup


I don’t see any tutorial here or I missed something up?

Nope not missed anything just not had time to write it as itll take quite a while

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please do find time :slight_smile:

Hi i have been busy making a cashup screen almost similar to yours , but i have a problem with the editor widget or i wanna change the way my editor widget reacts …how do i make it easy for me to enter the number value and then press enter, at the moment when i enter the number value it automatically counts and show me the value amount


are you wanting to press enter to then move down to the next line eg, enter the value next to $200 then press enter to move down to the $100 box (which would also calculate the value of the $200 entered under the value column)?

ive completed redesigned my cash up screen now too to the below:

Press “Close Shift” button to enter the cash up screen, and enter number of each denomination for the float count (mine is set to £50). Press the orange denomination button to open a keypad to enter the number of each denomination, the total is calculated underneath

, So i have an overcount of £4.50, press remove float to transfer this £4.50 into the takings line, which then removes the £50 float

£4.50 has now moved to the loned below under “Float Difference”

I have now enetered the rest of the takings under the £5, £10 and £20 notes section

and entered card sales of £1.50 under the “Card Sales” button

Press Finalise Totals to view the next screen to see if eveything balances (this will only move on if there are no open tickets (if there are you can see this info on the finalise totals button and instead when pressed will be taken to an open ticket screen to sort those tickets out) or if there is a wastage ticket to clearm you woul dneed to click the wastage button and clear that off first to then finalise totals

Pressing finalise totals takes you to this screen

as you can see it all balances and final till difference of zero

You can now press close shift button to close and end the work by confirming the next screens

Press yes to close or no to go back to main cash up screen

Press Yes for next screen

Confirm till difference, press no to go back to the “Balance Screen” or yes to accept

Press Yes
Has Z read correctly printed, Press abort to go back to Cash up screen and then finalise and close shift again, re print to reprint or yes to continue

Press yes
Backup then completes and work period closes

system now ready to reopen for next day/shift


then when opening a new shift, login from main screen

Open New Session screen appears, pressing no takes you to main admin menu, so you can work on back office without opening a workperiod (Admin users only, normal users just log back to login screen)

Press yes to open a new shift, and enter float value

Workperiod opened, £50 logged as till float and system logs out ready for trade

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yes i want it to work so i enter the value next to $200 then press enter to move down to the $100 box …currently it just calculates what i enter then it automatically shows the total count value…

great tutorial by the way :smiley:

im not sure if pressing enter will work, the way I had when i used that setup was by using the TAB button to move through widgets. Theres a setting in the widgets where you can set the order of the widgets so when you press TAB it moves throught them in order (doing the same things as if you were to press enter)

That way you can enter the value in $200, press TAB and it will move down to $100 and calculate the value in the $200 column

Right click the edtior widget and select properites

Then scroll down in the settings box and enter numbers in each “Sort Order” box in each widget from 0 to what ever your last widget is, so 10 in the last one if you have 10.

In your first one set it as zero and then also go into the Settings of the widget

Then put a tick next to “Should Focus” but only for this one box. When you enter the screen this box should already be selected (so this would be your $200). As it should already be selected you should just be able to type and itll enter it on screen then press TAB and the focus will move to the next box $100 that you would have given a sort order to as 1, then TAB again and itll move to the next box you gave a sort order to of 2, and so on

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