Ricks Tutorial 17 - Cashing Up Screen

how do i fix my work period end button from clicking or going ahead asking me if i want to close the workperiod when i have an open ticket…as you can see on my screenshots

i have an open ticket but when i mistakenly or press my work period end button it goes ahead showing me there is an open ticket and then i press ok it continues to ask me to end work period and then when i click yes it doesnt close(its good doing like that) but i want it to already by the time i press my work period end button it must already check if there is open tickets and if there is, it mustnt go ahead ask me to end work period

do i need to change the value of my automation command button or what rule can i make to work in that way

‘[:CommandValue]’==‘TRUE’ && [=TN(‘{REPORT TICKET COUNT:(TS.Status=Unpaid)}’)]<1

its working now i added that constraint to my rule

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at that point i have another screen so when i press OK youre taken straight to a screen showing all open tickets so you can clear them and then try closing the work period again

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i saw that on QMcKay
i have already copied and implemented it to my database

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