Rick's Tutorial 9 - Custom/Miscellaneous Item Button

A few people have asked how to do this so here is how I have it set up:

Press Misc Item Button
Order added to ticket
Prompted to enter price
Prompted to type in a description (V5 only)

  1. Create a product called Misc Item, set price to zero and add it to menu category

  2. Create an update order action to allow us to set the price. Set Price as a variable in the action by using [:Price] as we will define the pricing when the action is added to a rule

  3. Go to Tickets>Order Tags and create a new order tag called Misc Item Description. Tick Free Tagging and tick add tag price to order price

  4. (This step will only work in V5) Create a tag order action; set the order tag name to the one setup in step 3 and enter the variable [:Enter Item Description] in order tag value as we will define this in the rule we add this action to

5, Create an Order Added to Ticket rule as below, for V4 only add the price change action, for V5 also add the tag order action created in step 4

so that the rule only activates when the Misc Item button is pressed you must set the following rule constraint shown below, otherwise you will be asked to enter a price and description for every order that you add to the ticket

Set price as [?Enter New Price;;;OCN;49,50,51|52,53,54|55,56,57|190,48,8] to automatically pop up keypad to enter mics item price

(V5 Only) Set Enter Item Description as [?Enter Item Description;;;;] so a keyboard will appear to enter a descripion for the misc item

This is the flow

  1. Press Misc Item button

  2. popup keyboard appears, if you only have the price change action a keypad will appear, if using V5 and have added tag order action for the description as there are two actions in the rule that required user input through a custom keyboard the actions are merged and you will only get a full keyboard to enter BOTH price and Description

  3. Misc Item is added to ticket with the price you set (3.99 in my example) and an item description is added as an order tag (V5 - Only, i used This is a test description in my example)

Database Tools File is Below (remember you will need to create a Misc Item button as products can not be made into a database tools file so that is the only part missing. Please note you MUST name it Misc Item (note capital letters) as this is what is set in my rules and actions, if you mis type it it wont work, if you rename it you need to rename any reference to it in rules and actions.

Hope this helps :smile:
Misc Item.zip (960 Bytes)