Sales Tax report (VA,T HST/GST)

In Canada the VAT is termed HST/GST.
Some items there is no HST like Bread, so it is rated as Zero rated.

Need a report showing total sales in a period grouped by payment type (Card / Cash) showing sales with HST and Sales without HST for Zero rated Item

How can I generate this report
using MS SQL Express and V4.

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Sorry, not used v4 custom reports, could help if v5 but many report tags from v5 not available in v4 so putting something together on v5 probably wouldn’t help much.

Your issue will be that tax is generally order based but payment isn’t so payments will not be reportable in terms of tax given multiple payments can be made to a ticket.

Payment type doesnt effect tax does it? So why would you need to if tax was paid by cash or card?
Tax is on sale not on payment…

Also please dont post the same question twice :stuck_out_tongue: or what is pretty much the same question.

There are Items like bread where there is no VAT charged, and there are items where VAT is charged
In Canada the VAT is equivalent to HST and some provinces GST.

How can I generate a Sales report for a period showing totals sales grouped by Payment type (credit, debit, Cash) and grouped by VAT type

Cash HST(13%) totalSales
Cash (0%)

Please see reply on your other post;

Thanks for merging, the first post disappeared while typing and accidentally using the back key. this caused the duplication.

The purpose of the thread is that the accountant wants to know the total sales with sales tax and sales without sales tax in a particular period.

How do I generate this report.

First are you using Tax Templates or Calculations or manual expressions to calculate your tax on your tickets?

Please share some screenshots of your tax templates and your tax accounts so we can better help you design a report.

I have a couple recommendations for you the first one is to purchase a license for Custom Reports Module from and activate it in your SambaPOS. This costs $49.95 for version 4.

The second recommendation is to purchase v5 license which includes all of the other paid modules including the Custom Reports as well as a HUGE amount of new features including enhanced reporting capability with custom reports including custom data exports.

Here is an example of a simple custom report tracking ticket sales with and without tax.

Here is a daily totals report: (.sum tags only in v5 not available in v4)


Thanks I will test this tonight
I am planning to upgrade to V5, I need access to the computer to upgrade and the cafe is busy all day and have no time window of an hour to upgrade to V5. the only possibility is to go late night when the store is closed

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Those are basic reports you can read this to understand how to customize them further for your needs.

I have started testing v5 and I will create a separate thread with v5 upgrade experience for others to benefit.

for my HST / VAT following is the screen shot of my tax template

What will be the Query now (the previously mentioned query is not working in v5

Which one are you referring too? Both reports I showed work in v5.

Works, it is case sensitive, I matched the case to what you gave and now it is working.
How would I break it up in card and cash with vat/hst

As I said the other day I’m positive you cannot acurately split payments by tax or visa versa.
Tax is on orders, payments are on tickets.
You might be able to acurately total tax by ticket but that’s different to splitting.
As soon as you have multiple payment types on a ticket you will not be able to acurately split tax and payment types together.

Tax is not something you would typically display against payment types for this very reason, and that in general not just samba.
As tax is on a sale not on a payment.

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