Samba V5 Customer Display with Advertisement?

Hi everyone,

I’m new to this forums, and I just start using Samba POS V5 for my own restaurant, a takeout and dining in restaurant. I bought dual screen all in one PC. I can’t find the correct guide to setup customer display in V5. I’m not sure if there anything changed between V4 and V5. Do anyone know if there any pre-build database already good for takeout/Dining with 2nd display. I founded pre-build database for V4. Does anyone suggest to install the V4 and loaded the database, (I already bought the database tools from market) and upgrade to Samba V5?
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Hi Andy,

Welcome to the forum. Please use the search feature before posting new topics, it will be much faster for you and there is huge amounts of info on various topics on the forum.

This took me 10 seconds and I found a result…

Just use V5. Everything for V4 will work on V5 but there are many more features in V5.

You didn’t need to unfortunately. You were using V5 so no need for this (it’s included), and you had no need to bother with V4. You could have used database tools module in trial mode also.

Pre-built databases are no longer posted on the forum for license reasons. However they are not the best method, you are much better either using database tools import files (they are not the same as pre-built database) because these import to your current setup. Because SambaPOS is infinitely customisable, it’s always best to build what you need yourself then you know it’s working the way you want. Not every feature will have a database tools import file, however there are many tutorials that are easy to follow and you learn more when you do them so you can have an idea how to modify things yourself.


Thank you Mark,

i will do more homework…

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