Sambacard points print on ticket


hi i have customize sambacard and made one rule with this tag [=TN(’{PLAIN TOTAL}’) * 5/100] so it is working perfect but i need help to print this points on ticket so please can so one help me about this


You need to share more than that.
Where are you storing points?


ok sir here is the screen shots what i am exactly looking for


That doesn’t answer the question. Where are the points being stored? In an custom entity field? Show that action for add to locally card.


ya sir here is the action


ok sir actually i want balance remaining points to be printed in the ticket sir


the tag what i am giving in ticket template is wrong because that will print only ticket points not all previous balance points so pls help me for this sir


Look here for how to create reports for accounting. You can use these report tags in your template.


not about the reports kendash sir the problem is in ticket print sambacard total balance funds to be printed sir so how to do this sir


You did not see that I said that?


i saw that ok sir i wil try now


I also guess by you saying that you have never pressed the Template Help button in your printer template? Look on the right when you press that.

So read through the link I gave you then find the tag you need and insert it in your printer template.


Since this is v4… you will have to have Custom Reports module… it was not a free module and is no longer available for purchase. V4 is no longer supported. V5 includes custom reports with the license purchase.

Heck it may work though I havnt used v4 in long long time. Try it and let me know. To be honest I have no idea why people still trying to use v4. V5 is vastly superior.


sir if u say it is not possible to do it in v4 then i wil stop here because the tag options wht u gave it didnt work out


Or upgrade to v5 and it will work. Why still on v4?


Before you say it didnt work. Show us screenshot of what you did. It could be you typed it wrong. Do you have custom reports module installed?


kendash sir i did it


thank u sir for help


actually i was not with proper question it was entity printing as we see loyalty card balance 50 on screen same balance i want to get print on the ticket so i found one tag it was
{ENTITY BALANCE:Loyalty Card} after this i got wht i want


and i am sorry for not being with proper question with u all sir