SambaCard Resort Credit Payment

Hey everyone!

Ive been doing a little test setup for a possible future client that needs Resort Credit type of payment. Current system doesnt allow that and they are looking for a suitable upgrade. I know its possible with SambaPOS but Ill need a bit of guidance because Accounts and Document transactions isnt something I excel in.

What he essentially needs :

  • RFID Cards which is perfect due to SambaCard Tutorial
  • Add Funds to SambaCard which can also be found in the same tutorial
  • Refund Funds to guest from his SambaCard after their stay
  • Payment Limit i.e. if their bill is 100$ and they have 90$ on their account, Cards are not allowed to go to Debit.

Ive been following SambaCard Tutorial and Gift Certificate by QMcKay.

So far I managed to do everything except three key things that I am stuck on.

  • Add Funds works as intended > but I need it to show as Cash in the work period report. Would Adding a new Cash Transaction Document work?

  • Balance Refund - If the customer is checking out and their SambaCard Accout still has balance on it, I need to create a document transaction that would basically zero out the account and put it in Cash and that cash would be given to the customer. Does anyone have any tips on how to solve this? Would this work same as Add Funds but the other way around?

  • Limiting the cards - Now I managed to put in a limit in Payment processed and it gives me a nice popup message saying that I cant settle more than I have on the card. But… Card balance is 10$, Ticket Remaining is 12$, Customer pays 10$ with the card. But once I press All in the settle screen it still enables me to pay with SambaCard which staff can easily confuse and add 2$ in Debit on the card. Is there another calculation or something I can do to disable the Payment option once the card has been depleted.

Any tips would be more than appreciated.

You can define the type of account it is to determine if it allows debit or credit type functions. Debit means if balance 0 it will not process aka it needs funds loaded. I would show you screenshots but currently I am having an issue with SambaPOS on my dev machine and I cant get it to load.

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Wow, that was easy! Thanks Kendash! I went to the Account Type and changed SambaCard Accounts rule to Credit and it worked perfectly.

Ill have to give it another try today and see how far I can get :smile:

P.S. If you get a chance to show me more, I would appreciate it.

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Sure I just don’t have as much free time as I used too but I’ll try and show you some stuff and share some links. Check out QMcKay’s various accounting tutorials he has some good ones. Even the older version 4 ones can still apply today.

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Hey @Jesse,

I already skimmed through some of his tutorials and he seems to have plenty of accounting tricks at his fingertips. I have a lot of catching up to do :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

Anyway, I decided to walk before I can run so I’ve been focusing on the things I can do at the moment. Not to worry, I will figure it out eventually.

So far Ive made great improvements to the reports for SambaCard. Since I cant figure out how to make “Add Funds” go to Cash under Work Period Report I made a whole separate report. This is how it looks like for now.

I was wondering if I can multiply balance in the report with -1 and get a positive number.

Blockquote [SambaCard Customer Balance:3,5, 2]
>>SambaCard Code|Name|Balance
{REPORT ENTITY DETAILS:E.Name,EC.Customer Name,E.Balance.sum:(ET=SambaCard) && E.AccountId>0:::$4!=0}

=[E.Balance.sum:(ET=SambaCard)]*-1 but I cant figure out the right syntax for it :thinking:


It was =-1*[E.Balance.sum]:(ET=SambaCard)


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One thing I struggled on was a ledger balance for a BF/CF figure which will help you track your debt/credit balance on accounts.
You can use account total report but it is a current figure as I understand it meaning even on a backdated report it will show the current value but so long as your period process is regular you can use it.
With a BF/CF value you can better reconcile your banking figures.

At the moment the balances of the cards continue into the next Work Period. I think the user of the POS should see the balances of unredeemed SambaCards.

Do you mean if I go to check reports from a week ago to show different balances from the present ones? :thinking: :thinking:
Can you show me examples of your accounting? I am pretty sure it will go right over my head. Haha

Most of my clients use their own Excel sheets for accounting or some other software like QuickBooks. So far I havent had inquires about having POS and interactive Accounting solution in the same time. But its just a matter of time before I am back in the deep end of things. :grin:

But this is why chose SambaPOS, because with a little bit of patience, making-breaking-testing and digging through the forum and documentation you create pretty much anything.

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I did acounts for a room setup and all my previous systems gave a ledger BF and CF figure on the reports.
I did this using the account balance report for the CF (closing) balance and sums from that the for the BF (from yesterday) figure.
The issue is if you look at past periods these report expressions showed the furrent (todays) figure rather than tha balances at the time of the past report dates.


I might have to create some transactions and have a look at how they play out on my test setup. Thanks for the heads up!

Other than that, back to figuring out refunding the balances on the cards. :sweat_smile:

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Hi @Jesse finally got it working with all the things I need for the setup. Overall, exactly what I need for now. A lot of work got accumulated before the holidays so only got a chance to continue working on it past week.

Here it goes! Also, if you see room for improvement, feel free to let me know!

Improvements made:

  • Refund Guest’s SambaCard Balance at the end of their stay
  • Select SambaCard while in Order Screen by swiping the card
  • SambaCard Transaction Report
  • VIP & Staff Discount for SambaCard using Entity Data -> VIP & HH Discount by QMcKay

I will cover first two points.

New Ideas for future functionality :
Select SambaCard by Numpad works, but would it be possible to do the same from Settle Screen? What I am trying to achieve now is some type of Tap’N’Go – Customer comes to the service area, makes an order and on Settlement screen staff scan the card which automatically loads the entitty and makes the payment. Else, makes a pop up message saying Insufficient funds. Remaining Card balance is [Balance], please top up your SambaCard.

Could you provide me some insight? Would that be possible with Payment Processors?

### This will work only if you followed SambaCard tutorials that are linked in the 1st post. ###

1. Rerfund Funds

Add New SambaCard Refund Account and mark it as Sale Accounts type

Create a new Account Transaction

Create a new Document Transaction so you can use it in the Accounts Details

2. Select SambaCard at Order Screen by reading the card

Create an Action - Change Ticket Entity

Create an Action - Display Ticket

Create a rule that follows actions you just made - NOTE: In my case all cards start with 000

This kind of how it looks like…

P.S. Merry Christmas everyone!