SambaPOS 5.1.62 Release

Ok @sukasem so you are saying we need to delete one of our File Monitor Devices? Does this version create a new one based on what events?

It has built in file monitor device so, delete old dll. It has File Monitor Triggered Event

@emre I always wanted to know what that feature was :grin: “Change Payment Types”

Anyone else having issue with Update Application Subtitle action specifically with Shell Header? @emre ? I cant get mine to update the shell header. Ticket Title is working fine.

Working fine for me. Double check the “Shell Subtitle” module is still enabled in Samba Market.

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I uploaded another update to fix some issues related with Arabic language. While working on it I aded some features to improve on screen keyboard layout and number displays on reports.

Arabic is not a language I know so I’ll be glad if you can let me know issues you notice.

For languages like Khmer SQL server does not have a default database based collation. For this reason all fields that needs to have store unicode values needs to be updated one by one. To simplify that I added a Maintenance tool to update Database Collation.

As demonstrated on this post SambaPOS does not allow using Khmer as product names while using default SQL Server Collation.

After applying Khmer collation to database I can create multiple products with Khmer names.

Other than language updates I made some fixes to resolve some issues reported by error reporting.

Here is the download link.


I Uploaded another update to resolve some reported issues.

I noticed some error reports relates with rule configuration issues. These can found easily by using Test Rules function.

However few people aware of that function. So while bootstrapping SambaPOS will run a quick test and if issues found it will notify user with popup to run the Test Tool to see details of the issues.


Another update to fix some reported issues.

Detailed logging feature added for easier finding reasons of issues. That will temporarily enable for the session if previous session didn’t shutdown properly because of an error. You’ll get notified with a popup notification when it enables.


Will turn it on now considering I am doing a lot of testing of various things specifically some of my Paypal integration tests. So far I have caused all kinds of havoc lol.

Just out of curiosity what kind of issues will that help us solve? For example sometimes one of my clients calls me saying their 2nd station froze, would that be able to tell me if it’s. samba issue or windows.

It could show him all kinds of information. It might show that but it might not. Depends on what the real issue is. It basically auto sends him the Crash Report but now it will also send some other data to help him identify stuff. You probably wouldnt want to leave all of that on in production unless your having an ongoing issue that you cant figure out.

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Guys, I installed the latest version and when I start Samba I see this

and when I go tho see the detailed errors I get this…

Does this mean that something changed and rules will be interpreted different?



No, it means SambaPOS has identified issues with some of your Rules (4 problems). The Popup is a new feature, but the [Test Rules] link has been there for a long time; most people don’t know what it is for and never use it.

The tool will detect even the smallest of things, like unmatched case-sensitivity.

Check the Action for Change Order Price and you will probably find that [:Price] is instead configured as [:price] (lower-case ‘p’) for example, or it might be completely different.

I had a few Actions with that “issue”, but they still worked fine. But if you want to suppress the Popup, you need to fix the problems. So if you change the parameter in the Change Order Price Action to [:Price] (upper-case ‘P’) and run the [Test Rules] check again, you should get a result of “Test completed without issues.” This is because all of your detected issues relate to the same Action parameter and can be fixed with a single change.


No nothing changed. There are issues with your rule configuration and SambaPOS notified it. Isn’t it clear enough? I’m asking to understand how I can better explain that.

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i like this tool to test the rules.

Sorry @emre, i did not mean that it was not clear… I tought that maybe the rule processor had some improvements, and that some of my rules may not behave as ussual…


either way…
I am confused…
I get those 4 warnings… but cannot find the issue


Do you have another action with same name?

Sorry… Do you have another action with “Change Order Price” name?