SambaPOS 5.1.62 Release

Congratulation !!! great upgrade especially the first release with multiple translation .

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Awsome,… we looking forward to try out the new version…

Thanks everyone,


I like Payment Screen Improvements. How can I use “Credit all or Part of Change amount to Customer Account”? Thank you.

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NEW FEATURE - Improvements to Menu Switching

I think we forgot to add this to the release notes with all the new features

Now you can limit the number of Menus you need to physically create and instead use the GROUP TAG column in the Edit Product Properties settings of your menu. I use a lot of different menus and could potentially with some work reduce my menus to just 1 using this feature

One reason Emre implemented this was so that you could set certain products or custom product buttons that act as auto command to only show for the specific USER ROLE logged in.

Ill quickly show you screen shots of how ive used this menu switching to show different buttons depending on who is logged in, along with a manager menu option that temporarily overrides those options to display all manager functions with the need to log out and log in as a manager/admin to make any changes then log back on as the cashier to continue

Cashier Menu
The bottom half of the screen are all auto commands that fire various rules, you can see that when a cashier is logged in they only see a few buttons


Manager/Admin Menu
You will see they have many more options appear

Temporary enable Manager functions when logged in as a Cashier User Role
For Example, ive added an item and need to change the price but the cashier user role does not have access to the price override button

So they ask a manager who can authorise a price change, theres no need to log out as a cashier and log back in as a manager, just press the Manager Menu button to switch the menu to a manager menu to show the manager user roles additional buttons, this is Admin PIN protected

So you can now see the manager menu options and if you look in the botton right you can see the cashier user role still logged in

We can now perform a price override and when complete the menu automatically switches back to only display the current logged in user roles options, in this case the cashier

Price override to £5 and menu switches back

I use this heavily for custom product buttons set as auto commands but you could use this to only show specific menu items/products depending on the user logged in.

You could also use this setup to have just 1 menu with ALL your products in, then use the GROUP TAG column to set the specific menu you want to associate that product to, comma separated for multiple menu options, then use the updated change menu action to call the menu based on this group tag.

Below are screen shots of the setting used to create the buttons to filter based on USER ROLE

Updated Change Screen Menu Action with GROUP FILTER

Set the Group Filter Options in Products>Menu List>Select Your Menu>Edit Product Properties

The Rule
On login the POS navigates straight to ticket so displays the menu options available to the USER ROLE logged in

Manager Override
To display the Manager/Admin options as defined in the GROUP FILTER the action would become

So only buttons/products with Manager in the group filter for that product will be shown


@Andy_Li. Here I prepared a tutorial.


I uploaded another refresh to resolve some small issues.

  • Splitting Change Payments when there is no foreign currency configured.
  • Order Tag Note parameter added to Update Order GraphQL function to allow adding notes for orders.
  • TXT.<Tax Template Name> issue solved when Tax Template name starts with a numeric expression.
  • Deleting Ticket Types prevented when Tickets exists for that ticket type.
  • Creating customers with empty name is not allowed.

I’d like to remind once more to backup & rebuild indexes to ensure your indexes built fine.


File Monitor is included in this release but not mention the the features.
It also has it own event now (File Monitor Triggered). I was wondering why my old File monitor sometime work sometime not and having problem reading file in monitored folder. That why I find out there is File Monitor Trigger event and I have 2 File Monitor Device in the device list.


Ok @sukasem so you are saying we need to delete one of our File Monitor Devices? Does this version create a new one based on what events?

It has built in file monitor device so, delete old dll. It has File Monitor Triggered Event

@emre I always wanted to know what that feature was :grin: “Change Payment Types”

Anyone else having issue with Update Application Subtitle action specifically with Shell Header? @emre ? I cant get mine to update the shell header. Ticket Title is working fine.

Working fine for me. Double check the “Shell Subtitle” module is still enabled in Samba Market.

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I uploaded another update to fix some issues related with Arabic language. While working on it I aded some features to improve on screen keyboard layout and number displays on reports.

Arabic is not a language I know so I’ll be glad if you can let me know issues you notice.

For languages like Khmer SQL server does not have a default database based collation. For this reason all fields that needs to have store unicode values needs to be updated one by one. To simplify that I added a Maintenance tool to update Database Collation.

As demonstrated on this post SambaPOS does not allow using Khmer as product names while using default SQL Server Collation.

After applying Khmer collation to database I can create multiple products with Khmer names.

Other than language updates I made some fixes to resolve some issues reported by error reporting.

Here is the download link.


I Uploaded another update to resolve some reported issues.

I noticed some error reports relates with rule configuration issues. These can found easily by using Test Rules function.

However few people aware of that function. So while bootstrapping SambaPOS will run a quick test and if issues found it will notify user with popup to run the Test Tool to see details of the issues.


Another update to fix some reported issues.

Detailed logging feature added for easier finding reasons of issues. That will temporarily enable for the session if previous session didn’t shutdown properly because of an error. You’ll get notified with a popup notification when it enables.


Will turn it on now considering I am doing a lot of testing of various things specifically some of my Paypal integration tests. So far I have caused all kinds of havoc lol.

Just out of curiosity what kind of issues will that help us solve? For example sometimes one of my clients calls me saying their 2nd station froze, would that be able to tell me if it’s. samba issue or windows.

It could show him all kinds of information. It might show that but it might not. Depends on what the real issue is. It basically auto sends him the Crash Report but now it will also send some other data to help him identify stuff. You probably wouldnt want to leave all of that on in production unless your having an ongoing issue that you cant figure out.

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Guys, I installed the latest version and when I start Samba I see this

and when I go tho see the detailed errors I get this…

Does this mean that something changed and rules will be interpreted different?