SambaPOS 5.1.62 Release

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Has anyone else run into this problem? Happened when I upgraded from 5.1.60 to 5.1.62

Try clearing “SambaSettings” inSambapos folder found in C:/ProgramData/Samabapos
If you cant find the file, in windows search, search for “Show hidden files” and enable it. Then you will be able to find it.

Once removed, run sambapos again and try to reapply database connection string.

If that doesnt work then may have to look at some settings inside your database using sql managament tools.

This happens to me when sql server has stopped running, check your services to make sure its running, if not just restart it

Thanks guys, I tried both but no luck.

Also, I went back to 5.1.60 and there’s no issue.

When downgrade it should not working. Database version is different. SO, if you have no issue. Then maybe you have different database.

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The error related to a database timeout, and from what it’s trying to alter it is likely during the process of upgrading to 5.1.62. The fact you can still use 5.1.60 means the database was not properly upgraded, however it may be possible that it’s partly upgraded and therefore I would not continue using that database, you may get problems - I would restore from the backup that should have been automatically made when you first launched 5.1.62.

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hi, i am from malaysia and had been using Sambapos 5 pro for a year now, and i need another license for our new branch. however i could not buy any from sambamarket of is the license already discontinue. i have follow this forum and tutorial for a year and finally when i they hang of so to speak, i could not buy license anymore. and by the way our pos system

reverted back to trial mode

You can still purchase but you’ll need to open an additional account on sambamarket I believe.

If you have reverted back to trial mode you need to clear your database keys in sambamarket and reactivate the licence in the software. Plenty of posts about it if you get stuck.


I think you can buy from now, click buy on the page.

@markjw it looks like recently they have gone away from selling directly. On the new store front it says reach out to your reseller to purchase v5. Who your reseller is I have no clue lol. All references to buying v5 license have disapeared.

The new store is all in Turkish it seems. Since your a reseller maybe you should contact them and find out how you can sell it to people lol.

JTR is on there as a reseller, maybe I should be too as thats what I do now :slight_smile:

You know resellers are always the last to know things… I saw that the other day, and was the first I heard of it! Also you know a reseller can’t sell it for $99 as our buying price is $99 there is other costs involved, especially when VAT / tax and buying / selling in other currencies than USD are involved…

I know I can buy it on B2B portal, I bought one just the other day. But this no communication thing is really starting to bug me…

LOL that makes no sence, if you cant buy a v5 licence why would you buy module licence hehe
As mark says, resellers seem to have been left in the dark yet again…
So does this mean only way to buy licence is b2b but in b2b we cant reset licence key??? So confused…

which currently seems to not be working, so maybe they are updating?

“I Need a license” link, goes to

Whilst I appreciate the extra leads (if they really materialise), it’s a very short sighted view to just close of all direct purchasing especially when you don’t even inform resellers.

Buy link from the store I saw the other day is gone now. Its like they use the live site for testing… :stuck_out_tongue:

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The link to download the file is broken. Can you please take a look and resolve?