SambaPOS 5.1.62 Release

It displays when you manually backup but not during automatic backup on work period end.


Could you set it to appear when using automation using he backup action too? Dont think it comes up then either

Yes it will also display for backup database action when background option is set.


Guys… for some reason after the last update this is not working anymore… could you throw me some light please!!!

so I can no longer get the highest price of half pizza…


@gerlandog there is no tag called {Price}

but there was one, since I have been using this for a long time… :open_mouth:

Yeah Yeah I know…

OK lol… You meant [:Price] maybe?


I had my whole setup made based on {PRICE}

But what I’m seeing there is lowcase {Price} :wink:

yes, and that is bothering me, since I did not change that… :scream:

OK, changed it uppercase and now all is working…



Do you mean it automatically renamed to {Price} from {PRICE} ?

I really could not say that…

What I can say is that {Price} was working until latest .62

I don’t know how it worked. :confused: Template tags are always all uppercase from day 1.


I check again. When i set backup when end period. Sambapos cannot backup dan end period quickly. And tomorrow sambapos become unregistered trial. User close samabapos normally procedure.
I test backup manually, backup happen and oke

Now i didn’t make automatically backup at end period, and sambapos become normal, not happen trouble unregistered.
I think there is a bug backup automatic at windows 7.

OK. I’ll log automatic backup errors to log file on next update so we may have better idea what is going on there.

I uploaded another update to resolve latest reported issues. I also updated language files with latest translations.


I just installed the this version and I wonder why can not see the new features that this release has like for example Menu / Combo Setup

as you can see I dont have the other price editor options

You need to create Price Definition(s) to have multiple Price options for Products.

Besides that, you need to “build” the Combo setup to operate as you see fit. The features are there to make it work.

Hi All, I’m sure that somebody has spotted this error already, but I will post this anyway, when using the print report action and setting the date range to Work Period, it prints from Jan 01 0001 to the current time, simply setting the date range to nothing will however print the work period

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