SambaPOS 5.2.19 Beta Release

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:warning: Don’t forget to create a backup before installing new releases. You’ll need a working backup if you need to rollback to previous version.

Don’t install beta releases on production environments.

What’s new in 5.2.19

  • CID Popup click priorty set to idle
  • Payment Operations Module added (tip adjusment feature for coming credit card integrations)
  • Dummy payment processor added (tip adjusment feature for coming credit card integrations)
  • Tip adjustment for tickets (tip adjusment feature for coming credit card integrations)

  • Rule debugger updated
  • GetTicketStateValue added to custom reports
  • Task calendar widget added
  • Improvements made in Tip Adjusment

  • Setting command timeout for sql executor added
  • Eager loading for task calendar added
  • User role clone issue fixed
  • Disabling Portion Selection from Menu Item Button
  • Updating decimal places for rate values added
  • Parsing command value for automation command button widget added

  • Executing automation command when save report to file action completes.
  • Syncing save program settings operations added
  • Custom report features added to format time values
  • Error handling for custom print jobs added
  • Complete all task states when a task is closed added
  • Time Clock creators added
  • Mapping commands to ask question buttons added.

  • Order price adjuster x for y items function renamed to x for y free items
  • Percent discount fixes
  • Webclient fixed

  • Multi Select for Ask Question added
  • Refreshing Action parameters added
  • Edit JS Objects with Dynamic Editor added
  • Combo box selection for dynamic editor added
  • User mutation added
  • Property sorting for dynamic editor
  • JS rule API updated to change parameter values
  • JS rule parameter update function added
  • Editable combobox for settings added

  • Auto Decimals for Dictionary Editor added
  • Auto hide menu buttons when there is no caption added
  • Prevent non admins to move / resize entity search screen columns
  • Decrease main window activation priority
  • Task editor setting to disable cache added
  • Activating main window globally
  • Browser window fix
  • Ticket lister borders
  • Property fixer for custom reports added
  • Indexing entities table added
  • Prevent deleting paymentcontroller.dll in setup

I added workperiod related features for next update.

  • When there is a tip value entered but not processed yet we won’t allow closing work period.
  • We’ll display a notification when there are payments that have no tip value entered but we’ll allow closing workperiod.
  • When starting a workperiod we’ll remove all payments that can be ajusted.


FYI: You need to enable Test Controller to be able to make it work.

You need to configure Tip calculation type and Payment Type here. Please note that these settings are under Program Settings.


In theory are these transactions already charged/processed? Adjusting the tip does what, amends the transaction?

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It would depend on the processor. In cake it’s just preauthorized and batched out at once after tip adjusted. I’m not sure how it’s planned to work but I would hope it’s similar. I’m fairly sure it takes them out like a hold from customers account and then it’s processed on the batch out with any tips added.

I’ve had customers complain that they were charged twice due to their online banking showing the hold amount and the processed amount at the same time but the hold always disappears on next business day. That depends on their bank though.

As far as I could understand tip adjustment is a second transaction that works without a credit card. We obtain a token / id while processing first payment and use this token for the second (tip) transaction.


So is the tip adjust screen not available yet? Or is that a configuration task we need to setup? I was able to test the dummy processor but I cant access the tip adjust features.

Sorry, You need to setup a custom navigation button to navigate to Payment Operations screen.

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I actually just found that while tinkering thanks.

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Cool playing around with it now.

PS Good thing you hardcoded this screen. Cant have anyone messing it up lol.

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lol it is fun to see 121 beta days remaining. I think it is still 14 january there :slight_smile:

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In fact I need good ideas how to display CC details. Just placed on top of the screen but still not happy with that.

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Ill suggest few things as I play with it.

I think it would be good idea to add the Tip Amount to the Update Tip button. Based on my experience with adding tips at end of the day and adjusting stuff constantly for the past year I can say that seeing the tip on the button when you press it catches errors faster. I have stopped myself because I pressed to many 1s or 2s or 0s so many times. Where I am less likely to look back at the transaction I always notice it on the button.

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Displaying tip amount on the button is a great idea!

btw your screen resolution is huge :slight_smile:

Yes this is on my 30" dev machine at home haha.

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I also noticed I should display time instead of date :slight_smile:

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Yes Date is kind of irrelevant in this situation.

Personally I think last 4 and card type can just stay in the tables on the left and over where we enter tip maybe just display Card Holder Name, Payment Amount, Payment ID, TIp amount.

In fact we don’t have much space in the grid. You can see how it appears on default resolution on my gif.

I’ll allow to add remove grid columns but by default we should have a nicely hardcoded screen. I’ll try to improve it based on displaying typed amounts on button idea.

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Something that I feel is important and it may need to be discussed further because I dont know what all is involved to make it a reality but having a customer screen and being able to display signature or tip selection for customer is pretty huge in quick service restaurants. It gives our employees a chance to get a tip when otherwise they wouldnt because its rude to ask for a tip and most customers will not sign paper slips at counter service.
Customer selected tips can come into tip screen as already added. We could do some other nifty things like allow customer to choose if they want a receipt or not or let them choose an E-receipt by entering their email or text.