SambaPOS Accounting

Hello, I’m curious if others are using sambapos for their accounting system also. It seems a lot of work and knowledge of accounting to setup which I don’t have. The accounting side seems so different to others I have used in the past (mainly Quickbooks). Is it possible to setup sambapos to sync with an accounts package like Quickbooks?

yes people are using sambapos for their basic accounts handling

and they have customize the accounting module according to their needs

Sambapos accounting is a much simpler model than quick books. It may seem hard to learn at first due to its simplicity people are not used to accounting being that simplified.

ya tru it looks hard but once u get to understand its easy :slight_smile:

Hi Guys,

There is so much more to accounting than expenses and income, there is payroll, fixed asset management, bank account reconciliation etc.

I think its easier to come up with a method for syncing SambaPos with an accounting software that can handle all this. QuickBooks is a good option.

Any takers? This is something that we could actually pay money for if its possible.


I configured mine to handle all of that was not too hard just took a little time to understand the documents and transaction types but I found it pretty simple once I got that.

You can export to csv or other formats reports if that helps.


That would be awesome

would you like to share the database for me to work with?

Or some screen shots?

Thanks in advance


I don’t share database anymore but when I am back at the computer later tonight I can show an example. I use custom entity screens and transaction documents, types etc to handle it.

Thats ok, a good starting point

Just to know its doable

Hi Kendash could you show me an example of what you have done with the accounts as this is the only thing stopping me switching to sambapos.

See here for some good info on how to set up Supplier and Expense Accounting…

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@RickH also have some great tutorials regarding cash related accounting.

This may also help.

Feel free to ask questions.