SambaPOS Database Configuration


@natascafe What happened and what were you expecting?


Lol i noticed a couple of times but curiosity got the better if me, youre testing new updates then? Any others you can suprise us with??? :slight_smile:


@rickh before we hijack the thread too much more I will just say there will be a very big release soon. There are some things that are being worked on that will blow your mind. Lots of changes will happen and I think you and everyone will really like the work @emre has been doing. Lets just say the black theme is just one very small part of whats coming.


@natascafe take a break and eat some lunch or dinner and then come back and give us some more details of whats happening we can work through it.


Honestly I had no expectations…I can make the worlds best cappuccino but technically I’m about a 5 out of 10.
when I open samba on the second machine its untouched. I have the backup file. But I don’t know how to get samba to open using it.


You open Samba First then set the connection string to that computers SQL server. Settings > Local Settings > Database

Once connected you need to activate the module then load the backup from database backups;.


The backup module isn’t on the second machine…how do I get it there?


Is it connected to your SQL Server and does that computer have access to internet?


yes it is…


Did you go to SambaMarket from inside SambaPOS and then login?


haa…when I go to sambapos website after clicking Samba Network… where do I get the screen you are showing?


I am not on the website I am in SambaPOS. Mine is dark because I am on a test version. Yours would look like this except it would have white background. In Main Menu click on Market.


When I Click Samba Network I end up on what looks like the Home Page for the website but there is no where to sign in


From the Main Menu click Samba Market. I am not talking about the Manage screen.


haha…oh boy…

Database Backup is greyed out


Ok upper right corner make sure you are logged in.


yes… I have signed in


You may need to go to the SambaMarket website and clear your license keys. then restart SambaPOS.


OK…not sure what that does but I trust you!


You wont lose your license for it. Its designed to work with 1 database so to prevent fraud… ie people purchasing it and then installing it across multiple sites etc.

Since your using the same database you will be fine.